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Home security is an essential requirement – a layer of assurance that protects you and your loved ones. Home security is a complex system which entails many components and features, built to combat the perils and nuisance of unauthorized intrusion, vandalism and theft.

According to a 2015-16 National Statistics Report on crime in England and Wales, 59% of victims of burglaries had no security measures or measures that were below the basic requirements. It is stats like these that demonstrate the need to have a good home security system in place. When it comes to setting up home security or fortifying an existing one, it is always prudent to approach the experts for an infallible solution.

Wired or Wireless

Home security starts with the alarm systems. There are many types of home alarm systems available and unless you have a firm understanding of the technicalities and applications, it can be quite a task to determine which one works for your home. Wired home alarm systems are the most common powered by the mains electricity.Wireless home alarm systems are becoming a popular choice and recommended by most industry experts. With the reduction of the cable infrastructure, the installation of home wireless systems is more simple and aesthetic. There are various options available in the market and AlarmFreak has provided some of the best home security devices to choose from.

Set up Good Lighting

One of the best ways to discourage any intrusion is a good system of night lights, strategically placed around the home. Outdoor security lights can be either permanent or motion-detecting. You can also choose between battery operated lighting for areas without a mains power access or have your lighting system connected to the grid.

Home Surveillance Options

Home surveillance via video has multiple benefits. A visible security camera itself acts as a deterrent to trespassers and criminal elements. If there was to be an intrusion, the evidence collected on video becomes very useful in catching the perpetrators. Remote access has changed the way we perceive video surveillance. With the help of the internet and technical innovations, smart home security solutions can be monitored and managed via an app.

One can choose between wired and wireless cameras. Wireless has the advantage of added mobility – easier to move around as there are no cables to rearrange. Many homes are also opting for a monitored CCTV, where video links are sent to the security provider, and homeowners get an alert in case there is any suspicious activity near the house. Night vision cameras ensure clear 24/7 surveillance.

Home surveillance systems are not just for security but also an ideal way to keep an eye on what is going on at home – especially important when you have children and pets.

Your home’s security is not restricted to just controlling external factors. Fire detection systems are also available for domestic settings, along with systems to detect water and gas leaks.

Find an NSI Gold accredited provider of high-quality domestic home security systems in Worcestershire UK, who ensure you have the option of an end to end service like installation, monitoring and maintenance.