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Owning a dog is without a doubt one of the most rewarding things in life. The love and gratitude these lovely animals show is heartwarming and lifelong while they ask practically nothing in return. True animal lovers will soon feel as if their pet dogs are members of the family and wish to make sure their dogs feel as such. Apart from giving love back, this means certain adaptations that would make sure their homes suit their dog’s requirements, as well. Here is what needs to be addressed in order to create a dog friendly home environment. 

The flooring

When having a dog in the house, the number one flooring rule is the harder the better. Even though tiles proved to be the most durable solution, the majority of people do not prefer having them throughout the house. If you are one of them, hard wood floor is the next best choice. Avoid carpets at all costs since they are perfect harbor for dog hairs, bacteria and smell. However, if you happen to own a lively dog that simply adores running around the house, slippery bare flooring could present a hazard. In this case, you should opt for throw rugs that can be machine washed and anchor them securely.


If there are areas where you do not want the dogs present, blocking the passage would be the best solution, regardless of how well trained your dog is. Stair tops and bottoms should be particularly addressed if you own a puppy or a senior dog. The same goes for top floor windows. Floor level cupboards, especially those that contain chemicals or cosmetic aids should be kept locked at all times to avoid any possibility of your dog reaching them. Lastly, restrain from keeping any houseplants that are toxic for dogs.


Gardens are every dog’s favorite part of the household and turning the area into a dog friendly one is equally important as organizing the home interior. Start by making sure your garden fence is tall enough, that there are no holes in it and that your entrance door is always closed. Next, if you have sensitive outdoor plants, fence them off since dogs sometimes simply cannot resist playing with them. If you own a pool, keep it covered, regardless if it is full or empty. Lastly, if your dog will spend longer hours outside when you are not around, build a dog house or provide it with a wind, sun and waterproof shelter.

Clean-up station

A clean-up station that is set right next to the entrance door is an absolute must for all dogs that regularly spend time outdoors, which hopefully is the case with your dog, as well. They are primarily used to clean the dogs before entering the house, equipped with paw and coat mops and brushes. Also, they are a perfect place to keep your outdoor dog equipment such as leashes, spare collars and any other outdoor necessities. By doing so, your dog will always leave the house fully prepared and enter it perfectly clean.

Feeding area

Dog needs a dedicated feeding area. The usual pattern is having a food and water bowl. However, things tend to get messy and both containers often get spread around the house. Having a fenced feeding station is a much more convenient solution. Use the dedicated feeding area to keep all the necessary accessories at one place, including cleaning aids and nutrition, both if you buy dog food online or prepare the food yourself. This will make feeding a lot easier and tidier.

Once you take care of all this, your home will be perfectly equipped for a new tenant. Enjoy your time together in the safe and practical environment of your household.