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There’s no denying that they are mans best
friend but with your cute critters running riot around the home it can be
difficult to keep it looking spick and span all year round.
Muddy paw prints, pet hair and little claws
can all wreak havoc on your brand new furnishings so how can you live in
harmony with your little menace whilst retaining the stylish décor you once

This may seem like a severe course of
action but as pet owners know our little ones will be with us for a long time
and so decorating your home according to their colouring can actually save you
money in the long run.
Colour coordinating with your pet can also
save you a lifetime of cleaning pet hair from furnishings. If you have a light
furry friend then choose lighter sofas, rugs and carpets to disguise any
unwanted hair whilst darker accessories will hide any of Fido’s dark dog hair!
So Good
Choosing a sofa can be a tricky decision at
the best of times so think about how easy it is to care for any settee before
making a buying decision. Leather settee’s may be easy to clean when it comes
to spillages or little accidents but once Felix gets his claws into it, it may
not look as nice as you’d originally hoped.
If you decide to go for leather, rubbing
olive oil delicately on to the settee with a soft cloth may help to get rid of
minor scratches and can bring out the tone of the couch. There are also a
number of other products you can try such as a leather recolouring balm or
leather repair kit that can help you tackle those sneaky claw marks!
Fabric sofas offer much variety in terms of
colours, patterns and fabrics that can help to disguise marks however they do
attract pet scratching as many contain looped fibres – easy for cats to get
their claws into.
Velvet sofas are by far the best sofa to
when living in a home with pets as unlike regular upholstery they
don’t contain looped threads which makes it harder for cats to get their claws
into (literally!) and makes them less likely to start a fight with your

it Away
If buying a new sofa is not on your to-do
list right now, consider buying throws as a value-for-money alternative. Throws
and blankets can save your furniture by protecting against accidents, scratches
and pet hair and will help your expensive couch last that little bit longer.
Plus, they’ll be much easier to clean
knowing you can simply throw it in the wash and wait for the cycle (excuse the
pun) to begin another day!
or Rug?
In terms of flooring, many consider
laminate or wood flooring to be the ideal option in a home with pets. Aside
from the fun you’ll have seeing your pets sliding on the floor, any mess that
is made will simply wipe clean which means more time to spend playing with your
furry friend.
If you do opt for rug or carpet, ensure it
is low-pile as many pets prefer high-pile carpets for digging their paws into.
This causes the rug to look well worn and shabby in no time at all and these
can be expensive to replace.
Vinyl plank flooring is another viable
alternative. Cheaper than wood or laminate, it can protect your pets feet as it
is not as slippery. Vinyl flooring is resilient and durable and looks much the
same as wood whilst plank flooring is typically thicker too so it can last with
no scratches or paw prints at all!

are your tips for living in harmony with your furry friend?  Be sure to leave a comment or get in touch
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