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By no means can anyone deny now that spring is about to come. Though we could have argued a few weeks earlier for the opposite, today we simply can’t do it. Spring will come in full force, temperatures are high and all living things are enjoying the warm weather outside. I feel energized by the rush of warmth through my body, but I feel something is missing… It’s something about my house that still lacks of the upbeat mood outside.

I woke up this morning and realized what has been bothering me for the past couple of days. My home has to wake up! It’s still in hibernation from the cold winter. But what can I possibly do to bring it back in shape? As usual I asked my old friend Google. The results were astounding. There are so many things to do in the spring with your home. I took the time to read and organize five of them which I present to you below:

Fix Window Plant Box

What’s a better way to say spring is here that a box, fixed to your window, full of blossoming plants? It’s an easy and fast to accomplish DIY project which on top of that won’t cost you much. What’s more, every time you open a window, your home will be filled with a tantalizing fragrance. In order to make things colourful and attractive, add plants with different size and colour. I’m sure you will be glad you have done it.

Get The Deck Ready

If you happen to enjoy a large backyard deck in your property maybe it’s time to pay it some of your attention. Why I mean is don’t hurry up and stuff it with furniture before you have done a number of essential preparations. First, make sure it’s clean. Sweep and clear out items that you won’t need. Next, fix loose parts. This way you will be sure nobody will get hurt moving or playing around. At last, add a fresh coat of sealer and you’re ready to lounge after work and recharge your batteries.

Lick Of Paint

I just can’t make a list about spring DIY projects omitting it. Painting is an all-time favourite for millions around the globe when it comes to renovating a home. Honestly I don’t know a guy who hasn’t done it. Use the extend daylight, higher temperatures and fresh air to add a colour or two to your home or simply refresh current design. I’m sure if you go on a walk in your neighborhood in the weekend you’ll at least several of your friends with a roller or paintbrush in their hand.

Put Your Garage In Order

A garage is a place where I usually keep my car. However, lately I have started using it as a convenient storage facility. Kids bikes, toys, and old stuff generally go there. Now I realize that it has to change. With sunnier, longer days all family members will scramble to the garage for bikes, scooters, rollers and the bunch of other recreational items. If you want to prevent someone getting hurt in the mix-up, I advise you to put your garage in order.

Clean Your Carpet/Area Rugs/Door mats

Your home floor coverings from distressed hardwood flooring deserve a little bit of TLC. Plush, thick carpets and wool rugs kept your feet warm in the cold season. Now it’s time for you to say a big thank you and clean them. A DIY carpet and rug cleaning project is a great way to handle all the dirt, soil and salt trapped inside your home. Unfortunately, many times this kind of DIYs can get messy. If you feel it’s beyond your abilities, call in a professional carpet cleaning provider to help you.

I hope you’ll like my list of spring projects for your home. Feel free to add yours to your list of DIY tasks. Maybe we can exchange ideas for next spring.