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Trends in interior design are changing rapidly each year and although each designer, architect or homeowner have their own taste, catching up with all those trends tends to be overwhelming. In this article, we’ll be sharing 5 trending ideas that could be implemented in every home.

1. Marble & Brass

Marble grained feature walls and metallic accents have been on the rise for quite a while now.In actuality, it is a classic combination that has been appreciated since the Renaissance and Baroque eras.It’s an aesthetic that has a timeless yet ornamental look. It can make any home interior look respectably classic in an effortless way. Both of these finishes have the ability to capture the ‘ornate’ look without actually resorting to the actual grandeur. They can easily be incorporated in the contemporary lifestyle. This is why marble grained media walls, and brass finished wall lights and accessories have become a truly trending phenomenon once again.

2. Maximalism

While the past few years have seen an imminent rise in the minimal aesthetic, 2017 has definitely been the year of its intermittent retirement. Yes, it is a classy style, but people want to live in homes with a bit more personality now. Therefore, the idea of ‘Maximalism’ has been taking root and growing stronger.

Maximalism is the complete opposite of minimalism. It is loud, vibrant and full of personality. It makes use of avant-garde accessories, creative furniture pieces and comfortably vibrant color schemes that are just as fun as they are relaxing. The real reason this trend is actually catching on is that people are tired of the trappings that come with understated luxury. Yes, it can be sophisticated, but what’s the point of having a home that you cannot leave your mark on?Maximalism allows you to incorporate a personal flair in your home aesthetic, and people have never loved it more.

3. Reclaimed is the new ‘it’

Whether it is reclaimed furniture pieces, vintage frames or even wood, contemporary interior design practices have seen a gradual rise in their use. In a world where climate change and global warming are an actual threat, recycling is slowly becoming the new norm. But this is only part of the reason why reclaimed objects have been trending so hot in the market these days.

Truth is, the vintage kitsch aesthetic has become something of a phenomenon in the recent years. There’s just something so attractive about the orchestrated visual clutter of all these reclaimed items that lend these interior designs an abundance of personality and character.From the charismatic aura of a Live-Edge table to the vintage charm of a reclaimed photo frame, there is something truly enchanting about this aesthetic. It is a major part of the reason why reclaimed has become the new ‘it.’

4. Unique light fixtures

Lighting is said to be the fourth dimension, so what could be trendier than a quirky, impressionable light fixture to make your interiors more impactful. There are an innumerable amount of companies that are providing designer light fixtures these days. From the zany collection of Moooi, to the celestial expression of the Celine Wright collection, you’ll find some truly notable fixtures in the market. Each one has a unique luminary touch that can redefine your entire interior design ambiance. It is one of the leading reasons why unique lighting is becoming such a ubiquitous and timeless trend in the contemporary world.

5. Geometry

Remember the 80s, when the Memphis style was making headlines in the design world? That may have been the most noticeable use of oblique geometry in the recent design history but subtle impressions of it are still ever-present in modern interiors. These days, the use of geometry may not be so over-the-top, but you can still find tasteful interpretations in everyday interiors. From horizontal and linear patterns, stylistic Bohemian arabesques to even simple patterns in wallpaper designs, the use of geometry has become quite a ubiquitous trend that can be easily implemented in every home.

These 5 trends have social, cultural and historical roots, and their impact is certainly designed to be timeless. We hope this list helps you find what you’re looking for.

Ryan Lewis is a director at Lovelight. He has a keen eye for detail, is passionate about quality and is also a huge lover of bikes. He is married to Naomi and he is proud father of two – Asha & Jack.