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Having lived in Scandinavia all my life, I have observed and learnt a lot of things when it comes to different designs. Since I was a young girl, I have always wished I had my own space.  Having sisters made me lack that opportunity for we had to share one room all our lives as young girls but as I grew up, the need for having my own privacy grew stronger and stronger each day.

Our mother always complained of all the mess we left in her kitchen after dinner, dropping plates everywhere with leftovers and never closing kitchen cabinet doors irritated her so much. Failing to wash dishes on time and forgetting to clean her precious kitchen curtains made her scold us almost all our childhood years.There is nothing she valued more than her kitchen curtains.

Norden Living has had a lot to do with how I organise my home today. Being a modern woman now, I have come to comprehend why she was so sensitive about her kitchen and learnt a few tips that you could apply in your kitchen too. Here are some of the tips that you could use for your kitchen.

1. Maintaining cleanliness around working surfaces

The kitchen being a very sensitive area needs a lot of discipline when it comes to hygiene. Children leave lots of messes around the kitchen and as a mother, one need to purchase disinfectants so as to avoid spread of germs and infections.

Dishes should always be washed after meals and placed in kitchen racks so that they can dry own their own. It is important to purchase quality kitchen racks that allow water to drip below the dishes so as to avoid them being dump.

2. Choose the right curtains for your kitchen.

Bright curtains for the kitchen allow sun rays to pass facilitating good ventilation around the kitchen area. This is very important as it makes the house not be stuffy. One can easily purchase air conditioners from Norden Living to achieve this effect.

Good heavy curtains prevent dust from penetrating through the kitchen and changing curtains periodically is a very important step that you should never overlook. Curtains should also be drawn daily according to the temperature so as to avoid stuffiness in the house.

3. Purchase good dustbins with covers

Designers have been known to recycle waste products so as to produce items like dustbins. Closed dustbins ensure that there is no foul smell coming from the kitchen and prevents flies from getting into this area.They should be placed somewhere far away with lots of air, emptied and washed regularly too.

4. Use brightly coloured paint on the kitchen walls

The kitchen needs to look bright at all times. One should therefore use bright paintings on the wall so as to make it more presentable.  Drawings by Britta Kathmeyer who uses ink, coffee, matches and acrylics to express her art would brighten up the kitchen. Her observation of nature is quite inspiring.

Accessories like a pair of drop it hooks and stone hooks can be used on the kitchen walls to hang light towels. I would recommend white cotton towels that should be kept clean at all material times. Cleanliness is second to Godliness.

5. Do not compromise on the food.

Above all, one should never compromise on the food. What comes outof that kitchen is what determines what kind of a mother a family really has. So you should never compromise on the food that you serve in your kitchen.

Presentation of the food is also key as it not only makes people long for the food but gives the young ones appetite. Presenting delicious meals in some really nice mormor plates and bowls from Norden Livingor Krenit salad bowls brings out the sophistication of classic designs in modern living.

You should never forget to a leave a bowl of fruits on the round kitchen table for your children to enjoy as they do their homework after school.