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Laser technology has come a very long way, and it is now available for many different purposes; including in the home decor industry. Laser machines are used on almost any type of material, from wood and iron all the way to gold and silver. Engraved paintings, coasters, glass coffee tables, home accessories, and more, have now gone mainstream. We love these pieces because they bring a whole new vibe into a home that’s dull, traditional, and no longer appealing to the naked eye.

Engraved artwork is a thing of beauty 

Engraved artwork made with lasers is a thing of beauty. Wood is extremely versatile and easy to carve. Customized cuts and etches can transform a basic piece into the most appealing painting. Check the web for inspiration on models; there are artists and markers you can follow on social media if you have no idea what to carve.

Gravers are available in a wealth of shapes and sizes. The line yielding process can also be done differently; according to your own preferences. For example, a burin can produce perfect lines on a piece of wood. The edges are clean, and the angle comes with a slightly curved tip commonly used for printing. When deciding on a laser engraving machine, you should have in mind the purpose. Metals are tougher to engrave than wood.

Decorating your home with engraved artwork 

Most laser machines are extremely accurate and precise. However, regardless of a machine’s abilities to carve almost any material, it’s the actual design that matters the most. The end result should be a pattern that you want to achieve to create a beautiful painting. Laser technology demands an eye for graphic design. Many retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and bar decorate their walls with lasers.

Contrary to popular belief, gluing and cutting layer after layer of carved wood is easier than it looks. Three-dimensional artworks are meticulous, and extremely detailed. To get organic or abstract shapes you need to use a laser cutter. Technique and talent are equally important; which means that you might need handcrafted work by a specialist.

Laser marking for home decor 

Laser marking goes hand in hand with laser engraving. It is a practice that uses lasers to engrave a particular type of material; be it wood, steel, etc. Through marking, the object you want to design on changes in color and molecular/chemical alteration. Additional process might occur, including foaming, ablation, melting, and more. It all depends on what you want to achieve.

Whether you want to engrave kitchen cabinet doors or simple items to hang on the wall, you should know that engraving doesn’t involve inks. Through laser engraving the actual condition of the material is changed; triggering changes in color and shape the moment the laser touches the surface of the material.

As a general term, laser marking covers various surfacing techniques, including laser bonding, printing and hot branding. To decorate your home in a different, extravagant way with this technology, you need to consult with an expert. The machines are bulky, and they consist of a controller, laser, and surface. The laser looks almost like a pencil; but with a laser beam.

Laser patterns you can use for inspiration 

Assuming that you want to give your living room door a new allure, the process of engraving your door from the top the bottom might seem a little demanding. First of all, you have to take the door down and bring it to a specialist. Second, you will be asked what sort of design, etch, or engraving you’d like to have. Check the web for inspiration, and decide on the ones that best match with the rest of your home decor.

Laser engraving technology has increased in popularity over the years. Industries use it for various different reasons. In medicine, lasers are common for etching surgical materials, for example. Recently, the home decor business has started to use it. Engraved wall paintings are extremely popular these days because they don’t involve any actual painting skills; just design skills and some imagination. Are you ready to transform your home into a genuine work of art? Choose the patterns inspire you the most.

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