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A terracotta pot, when whole is used for gardening or for other purposes, but when it is accidentally broken somehow- whether it is by your cat or by you, becomes useless. Wait! Don’t throw it away as you would be surprised to know that there is an artistic use of such broken pots.

The most appropriate artistic use of your broken pot is by turning it into a pixie indoor or outdoor fairy garden. Yes, you heard it right, a pixie fairy garden. You may find a lot of definitions around the web for a pixie or miniature fairy garden but the simplest definition of a pixie fairy garden is the end-result of the booming creative ideas that were dormant before you heard of the term “Fairy Garden”. As once you start fairy gardening you are going to have a lot of ideas about the way of arranging and rearranging the tiny accessories here and there and adding all kinds of intricate details you can imagine. Trust me, in the end, this miniature garden is going to mesmerize you.

But beforehand I hope you would like to have some guidelines, so the best way of making a fairy garden is by using some broken pots with diverse size and placing an 18-inch saucer underneath. By doing so, you are recycling something as well as you are making a portable garden that can be moved easily indoor and outdoor as weather permits. During winter you need to keep your adorable fairy garden indoor as the harsh weather outside might destroy your organic plants. You need to place the garden in such a position where it will get moderate light such as window sill and of course water the plants frequently as the usage of home heater might dehydrate your plants.

So, before we start building a fairy garden from broken pots we are going to need some accessories, don’t worry these accessories can be found anywhere where the fairy garden trend is booming. Especially the fairy garden accessories in Australia is in great demand nowadays other than any other country. So if you are around from Australia you can find these accessories at any local gardening store.


Accessories required

  •    Safety first, so a pair of gloves and a google.
  •    Terracotta broken pots (if broken pots are unavailable then you might need to willingly break some or look at your neighbours)
  •    Potting soil and gravel
  •    Pixie plants
  •    Fairy accessories

Let’s get in action,

  •    First of all, if that lucky incident of broken pot didn’t happen to you then you need to break a 12-inch terracotta pot by drawing a zig-zag region with a pencil. Then take a screwdriver and a hammer and slowly   tap into the drawn lines. Be careful as the broken edges are very sharp.                   
  •    Now start working with the broken pieces, don’t worry if the pieces don’t fit at first. You might need to break bits from the pieces in order to fit them.
  •    Use the potting soil to stabilize the pieces.   
  •    Start adding the miniature plants, start with a fern from the below portion.
  •    Immediately after the fern add the staircase leading to the top portion (the rim of the pot works great for this purpose)
  •    Add fairy house (place a mound of soil in back to position it firmly)
  •    Place a fern on the right-hand-side of the fairy house and an arrowhead plant on the left-hand-side.
  •    Put miniature fences around both of these plants, it will look great.
  •    For fairy grass use Baby tears as they spread quickly.
  •    Make a stone path for the fairies to walk around.
  •    Start filling in with gravel over the open potting mix and also between the gaps of the staircase you made.
  •    Finally, add your favourite fairy accessories that suit your taste.


  •    Place an 18-inch saucer underneath before watering in.
  •    Water carefully (try to water at the base of the plants)

More fairy gardening ideas with broken pots

 In these beautiful fairy garden, you can see that the basic structure is as same as before just with a touch of different ideas. In this garden, the door and the windows are painted using painting brush. If you want you can choose different colours with different shapes. Below you can see that there is a pot painted in blue that represents water and the usage of succulents mostly. At the top, you can see an open dining space for the fairies where the furniture are made from champagne corks. In this garden, you can save some money by not purchasing some fairy accessories.

In this garden, you can see that a lot of plants have been used starting from cactus to marigolds along with a mushroom house and a birdhouse. This fairy garden is of three stories and there is a mini bridge to cross the pond.

This is a single-storeyed fairy garden-cute and simple. Over here, very few accessories have been used. Just a simple cactus and a hand-made little fairy house. The grasses you see are picked from my very own garden with some pebbles sprinkled.

  This fairy garden is made by using a tall succulent beside the mini house and planting some mini plants along the staircase. Some marigolds are also used for highlights.

Over here there is a small broken pot placed in the centre with a trail of the staircase made all the way from top to bottom. Very few   greeneries are used. There is also a birdbath on the second deck with a small hut made of twigs on the upper deck of it.

These were some of the very few ideas. I hope by observing all these fantastic fairy gardens made from broken pots you must be having an image of your very own fairy garden. Now quickly make your shopping list for your fairy garden and rush to the stores to collect your desired item but do not use excessive accessories as they might hinder the true natural beauty. Happy fairy gardening!