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Working from home comes with its blessings – you can work at your own pace in a comfortable, homey environment. Unfortunately, it also has a disadvantage – you’re working from home where everything can be a distraction. It’s almost impossible to stay focused and productive if your family members are constantly talking or watching a movie, or when you’re in a mood for a snack and your fridge is just too close. Therefore, it’s important that you design your own work corner that will inspire productivity. Here’s how you can create a stimulating environment that will bring out the best ideas out of you.


Find an inspiring view

Arranging your furniture to face a window overlooking your garden can be stress-relieving and inspiring. Staring at the same grey wall for hours is not. You should make sure that your desk faces a lovely scenery of trees, lovely flowers and lush bushes. However, if this isn’t possible, there are other solutions that you can try. For example, you can place houseplants somewhere where you can see them or install a water feature outside your window. You can also surround yourself with art featuring natural vistas – such scenery can help you recharge your mental energy and stay focused on your work.

Keep it organised

Organisation is key in an office, so make sure to eliminate clutter and create a structured atmosphere. It’s important to keep everything in its place to prevent clutter from piling up. In addition, if you keep everything neatly organised, you’ll be more efficient and work-oriented. You can also come up with a filing and organising system for your documents. For example, you can use durable Dymo labels to keep your documents sorted by colour, which will be quite efficient and time-saving. This way, you can easily get a file you need instead of going through piles of paper looking for a single document.

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Equip and furnish for efficiency

When furnishing your office and installing different devices, you should come up with a functional layout. You should place devices and other items that you often use within your reach so that you can easily get out and into your working mood without major disruptions. Keep your storage close so that you can easily reach your documents. You should also place just the essentials on your desk – the computer, planners and a desk organiser are everything you need.

Maximise lighting

Proper lighting is one of the most important factors to consider when designing an office. This is a major design element that can affect your work efficiency significantly. You should find a way to maximise the amount of natural light in your office. You should remove heavy drapes or consider installing a skylight. When it comes to artificial lighting, you should have a general lighting coming from a pendant fixture and task lights that will reduce eyestrain. In addition, by introducing lovely lamps, not only will you have enough focused light for work, but you’ll also style up your home office.

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Create an inspiration station

Having an area of inspiration can boost your motivation and help you think outside the box. Whether it’s an inspiration board with motivating quotes and stimulating photos or a scrap book with creative ideas, it’s important that it brings out creativity in you. In addition, you’ll have a place to write down some new ideas for the future. A home office is very important if you’re a very busy businessman. evansofficefurniture.co.uk have a wide selection of high quality office furniture for you to choose from.

Cosy up your office

Feeling comfortable while working will boost your overall productivity. After all, no one can focus on work if they keep fidgeting in their uncomfortable chair. Thus, you need to furnish your office with comfy furniture, a spacious desk and a couple of cushions for back support. If you typically spend hours in your office, you should consider getting an adjustable desk so that you can change positions every once in a while. You can also add a chic area rug to create a layered, cosy look and elevate your office décor.

By designing an inspiring home office, you’ll be able to eliminate all the distractions and reap the benefits of working from home.