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Almost every Jewish home is recognizable from the outside by the small tube placed on an angle towards the top of the doorpost – the mezuzah.  Mezuzahs, or “mezuzot” in Hebrew, are no ordinary decoration, but rather a Jewish Judaica symbol of faith, tradition, and protection. Inside the mezuzah is a small handwritten kosher mezuzah scroll with the famous prayer of “Shema Yisrael”, which is essentially a pledge of allegiance to God. 

A mezuzah must have a kosher scroll inside, meaning the scroll cannot be damaged at all. If you’re looking for mezuzahs for sale, crafted by world renowned Israeli artists such as Adi Sidler and Yair Emanuel, start your search in Israel. Modern mezuzahs, with their bright colors and sleek lines, are a welcoming sign for anyone and a burgeoning trend in the Jewish home décor field.

A husband and wife team located on the coastal city of Caesarea, Israel have created some of the most interesting art work in Israel.  This mezuzah, available in a variety of colors, has the prayer of “Shema Yisrael” wrapped around the matted metallic finish.  This is the perfect mezuzah for bringing a pop of color to your door step.

Bold colors, clean lines, and sharp detail are what make Adi Sidler’s extraordinary.  Everyone loves his combination of traditional and modernity, making his creations a favorite. These mezuzahs have a stair design on one side, creating the Hebrew letter “Shin”, the first letter of the world “Shema”, on the top and bottom. Adi Sidler’s mezuzahs are great for a minimalistic look.

One of Israel’s rising artists, Laura Cowan, creates some of the most fabulous modern Judaica.  Her creations are often off the beaten path, but perfect if you’re looking to standout.  Her Apollo mezuzah was inspired by spaceships and actually went to space on Expedition 17 in 2008. This mezuzah will leave you and anyone entering you home star struck.

Yair Emanuel is one of Israel’s most popular and well-known artists. Known for his bright and colorful motifs, Emanuel has gone above and beyond when it comes to creating original pieces.  His deigns are often solid colors, with multicolored rings or hammered silver embellishing his artwork.  His collection of stainless steel mezuzahs are just what you need for a clean look.

Marc Chagall was one of the greatest Jewish painters in the world.  He created stunning works of art, many with Jewish themes and often with Biblical references.  Some of Chagall’s incredible masterpieces have been replicated into mezuzahs, with his signature imprinted at the bottom. Chagall mezuzahs are limited edition, making them an almost one of a kind mezuzah.

Besides for being a Jewish symbol, a mezuzah can also be a work of art to share with the public. They offer a bit of personality to what would otherwise be an ordinary exterior. The “Shema” prayer inside the mezuzah is said to keep the household safe, while showing our pride in our Jewish heritage. A mezuzah makes a great housewarming gift, and a treasured item to be passed down to future generations.