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Getting a new roof or replacing an existing one requires a lot of financial investment and is physically draining. It is not something you would want to incur every now and then and would want it to last as long as possible. For this reason, customers invest in good quality roofing materials after doing extensive research so that they can last for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, many clients end up in distress and trouble again soon after getting their new roof. This is because they do not realize the fact that the life of roof does not depend on the material alone. The proficiency with which the roof is installed plays a vital role in extending or shortening its life.

There are a number of residential roofing contractors Dearborn MI that promise you the best service. However, it is not necessary that every roofer who tries to lure you with a good price and glorious claim are expert and competent. It is very easy to fall into a trap when dealing with roofing contractors. Avoiding a few mistakes when hiring a roofing contractor will save you from landing in trouble in future.

Not Researching and Screening

Simply running a Google search on “roofing contractors in Dearborn MI” and clicking on the top two results do not necessarily mean that you have found the roofer you were looking for. It is important that you research a minimum of 5 roofing contractors and thoroughly screen their backgrounds. You might even run into so door-to-door roofers or even roofers who only have an online existence. Steer clear of anyone who does not have a physical office, since you will not be able to catch them in case of a mishap.

When you are researching a roofing contractor, run a thorough background check. Look out for customer reviews and testimonials and ask for references. The stronger references a company has, the safer it is to work with them.

Overlooking License or Insurance Coverage

It is true that an unlicensed or uninsured roofer does not necessarily mean that they are bad at their job. However, with your time, energy and money at stake, you cannot afford to take any risks. It is wise to play it safe and work with a roofing contractor who has valid relevant license to work as a roofing contractor. Moreover, a company that has insurance coverage will keep you protected in case if there are any accidents or damages to life or property as a result of the roofing process.

Falling For a Low Price

It is understandable that you would want to save money wherever you can and will prefer a reasonably priced roofing contractor. Unfortunately, cheap price often means cheap service and poor quality and you can actually end up spending double the amount in that case. Your decision of hiring a roofer should not be driven by the price factor but should be based on their expertise and competence.