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We all dream about a way to generate energy in better ways. Something clean, good for the environment, efficient and not burdensome for the planet.Today, thanks to the efforts of a company, we have just that. N-Gen Technologies has created the N-Gen 1, a device that is all set to revolutionise electricity production and consumption in homes.

The world’s most efficient power generator uses clean and natural gas from your home to produce electricity in a continuous way. Natural gas prices are the cheapest they’ve been for a long time and thus, the electricity produced in this manner doesn’t cost as much. What’s more, the cost of the device can be recovered in three years or less. This is because of all the savings in your fuel bills.

How does the company do this? It harnesses a century old power creation technique. But in the hands of N-Gen, that device has been given a complete makeover – its first in as many years as its existence. The heat engine was considered revolutionary when it made its first appearance two hundred years ago. Now, the model has been innovated to serve a new-age requirement; better and efficient electricity production.

The heat engine is in the form of a small, quiet device that can fit in next to your regularly used equipment, anywhere in your house. It costs about as much as a refrigerator and the costs are recovered in a few years of use. This makes the device the most efficient way to generate power using any possible fuel.

The fuel is of special note here. This is natural gas that is freely available and at an all-time low cost now.  What better way to generate energy than to use this particular fuel? This device also takes away a long-standing issue with modern power generation – wastage. By the time power travels from the power plant to your home, a lot of wastage has taken place along the way. Because the device is in your home, right next to the power source, this problem is taken away.

Now, a bit more about the device. The N-Gen 1 can provide for a home’s complete energy needs. It can also be ramped up, depending on the added requirements of a home. Since the production of the device is low-cost as it is, the overall price of the device is relatively low as well. The device is to have a 30% thermal efficiency and this puts it way ahead of everysingle combustion generation in the market today. There are other advantages to the device – it’s quite, maintenance free for more than 20 years, causes lower emissions and because of the flexible nature of the fuel, can be expanded to include other options too.

By harnessing the power of the device, you not only ensure around the clock power for your home, but also reduce the burden we place on power plants for all our needs. If each one of us decided to use the N-Gen 1 in our households, we could soon witness a cleaner, greener world.