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You’ve finally finished decorating your home. So now it’s time to relax and enjoy it! Maybe your enjoying a bit of television, or simply going to bed exhausted after all of that painting. But just when you thought you were done with all of the home modifications, you hear a strange noise. And this noise is coming from an unwanted visitor.

As much as you want to enjoy your newly decorated home, pests will want to enjoy it just as much as you. Your home provides warmth, shelter and maybe even food for pests (plus a very stylish, newly decorated interior).

There’s nothing more unsettling than knowing your home, after all of that hard work you’ve put in, could be damaged by pests. Luckily, there’s still time to prepare your home to prevent pests from finding their way in.

Whether you’ve already seen signs of pests around your home, or you just want to stay ahead of problems and pest proof, use these tips to prevent potential pest infestations.

  • Seal off entry points –Pests can enter through holes as small as the eye of a needle. They will literally use any opening they can find, from your walls to your roof. To keep pests out of your home, start by checking around your home and repairing any small cracks or holes. This will help to keep insects and rodents out too.
  • Don’t provide food – Pests will eat anything they can find. Once they find food in your home, they will never leave. Sweep up any crumbs immediately, and mop up spills.
  • Re-decorate your garden – You may have just decorated your home, but you can’t forget about your garden. Decluttering and cleaning up your garden stops pests having the opportunity to hide there. Remember to clean your gutters out too, and store all firewood well away from your home.
  • Call in the professionals – As with any home improvements and decorating, there’s some great DIY methods available you can use. However, the same doesn’t really go for pest control. Waiting until it’s too late to call in the professionals will lead to major damage, could be dangerous for your health and will end up costing your more money in the long run. Call in a pest control company like Pest Exterminators if you want to know more about preventing pests in your newly decorated home.

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