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Did you buy or are you planning on a buying fixer-upper? Did you recently start looking at your house and think that it may be time for some drastic changes? Renovating your home can be an exciting project to unleash your creative genius. It is important, however, to plan your renovation project from start to finish. Keep reading to learn how.

Know exactly what you want to achieve

Before starting your project, spend some time looking and thinking. Consult a home renovation guide and search the internet for ideas until you know exactly what you want the end result to be in every room and outdoor space. Also, keep your council regulations in mind. If you, for example, want to add a storey, make sure that there are no height restrictions in your area.


Planning your budget is important, especially if you are planning on selling. Drawing up a budget will also be easier and your budget will be more accurate if you know exactly what you want to achieve with your renovation. It is, however, possible to incur unwanted an unplanned expense along the way.  Planning for these expenses can save you a ton of headaches and speed up the renovation process.

Find the right designer

Find an architectural designer that will work well with you. Make a list of designers in your areas, contact them and ask if you can look at their previous work. Make sure that the designer you choose meets your personal requirements and budget. You can do this by looking at their website and communicating with them. If they specialize in regular home renovations, chances are they will provide you with a free consultation and quotation.  

Get down to details

Make an appointment with your designer to plan the renovation in detail. During this meeting, you and the designer should map out a detailed and step-by-step renovation plan. Divide the entire project into jobs and assign a timeframe and cost to each job. Make sure that every little detail is covered and accounted for in your renovation plan. Use this time to get the designer’s professional opinion on some of your ideas and find alternative solutions that you can incorporate into your project. During this meeting, you should also calculate exactly how much building materials you need for the project.

Shop around for contractors and materials

Now that you have a detailed modus operandi for your project, you can go ahead and interview contractors for the job. Discuss your jobs and timeframes with them and make sure that they will be able to meet these requirements. Call their references and visit the sites that they worked on. When you are satisfied with your contractor, ask them to help you find high-quality materials at the best price. Chances are they’ll be ready to provide you with prices from the get-go. If they can’t, get quotes from building materials suppliers and compare them with one another.  You may also need a skip to aid you with your renovation. For a great skip hire company try https://mackersskiphire.co.uk/They offer a wide range of different skips. For example, should you need a garden skip they would be able to help you with that. Ask your contractor for his professional opinion as you are not necessarily going to want the best prices.

Start the project

Now everything is in place and you can start with your project!