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Home is the best place where all of us feel relaxed after going through every day hassle. We make every possible attempt to make it aesthetically appealing and a decent place to relax. But we very well know that apart from buying incredibly expensive and decor items, it need to be organised and systemized such that apart from getting white elephants in, they are also useful . We sometimes ignore the need to of buying a product with utility value while being keen to look forward to colour combinations and materialistic value. Here is a list of some of every day products which are available in every home. Let us look what are the factors you should considered before buying these products.

Bean Bag

It is one of the most popular trends that have become part of every modern house these days.  They are considered to be one of the most comfortable and long lasting pieces of furniture which comes in different size, shape and colour. One important factor you need to consider is to select a particular place where you like to keep it so that it can be used comfortably for activities like lounging with your friends, watching TV, playing video games and many other things.

You may find a number of pieces which go well with your living room decor. The next step should be selecting the size and shape which is best suitable to you. The quality, compression and firmness of the bean bag depend on the kind of material stuffed. It is typically made out of fabric and other soft materials. Materials like bead beans, polystyrene beads, Styrofoam or PVC pellets are used for the stuffing.

Ironing Board

As we all know, ironing board is an essential accessory for every home.  However with plethora of options available you may find it really confusing to find a decent one. However, portable and easy to move boards are considered best, here are three important factors you must ponder upon to find the best one for you.

First important thing is size. If your room is large enough, you must select widest ironing board for efficient and easier ironing which is at least 4 ft. long and twelve to eighteen inches wide.  Boards with a hip level height are considered to be most comfortable. The traditional boards are seen to be made of wood and are little heavy. Though, material is not an important aspect in this case. An ideal ironing board has a mesh top that allows steam through, keeps your clothes safe and increases longevity.

Cooling Pillow

To get a much better cooling effect and increase air circulation, the best cooling pillow is full slab memory with hollows. While some people prefer a gusseted style pillow, others prefer classic ones.  You must scrutinise about different designs available before finalising one. Moreover, try to get the pillow which is machine washable. But one must be careful that its cooling gel structure is not ruined. You can opt for spot-cleaning which is safer method. Always go for cooling pillows with a 3+ year’s durability.

Book Shelves

It is one of the most distinguishable items in the whole list. However it is a necessary accessory you must have, not only for decorating but for your own self. They give a touch of class to the house and depict the personality of the residents of the house very clearly. It is wisely said that “A home without book is a body without soul” and consequently “We become the books we read”. A bookshelf should be prudently selected as it will become a permanent member of your house and it is not something that you change very often.

Primarily, there are three materials which are used to make bookshelves namely wood, glass and metal. Glass is used as a door and as a bookshelf. However, you can choose your preferred one with regard to your furniture, i.e. is metal with metal and wooden with the wooden furniture. Secondly, the most important thing is designs and idea is that how you are going to keep it, for example flat or stack over the other or vertically which is usually seen. The third important thing is cost. You may get ample of bookshelf designs but if a bookshelf is not coming in your budget then there is no point in looking at it.

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