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So, you want to add modern glamour to your living space. Whether you’re trying to furnish your first apartment or you’re redesigning the house your family has lived in for years, there are many ways to bring modern design into your home while maintaining your individual personality and style.

One of these ways is to choose modern furniture and design pieces that will bring a sense of sophistication and glamour to any room. Knowing where to find modern pieces–or even what to look for–can be difficult for those without a trained eye in interior design. The key to great modern design, though, is simplicity. It’s not about how much furniture or how many accessories you have, it’s about what you have. Sleek lines and a minimalist colour palette–with a few pops of excitement to balance everything out–are what come to mind when thinking about a modern interior design.

Keep reading to learn the modern design pieces you must bring into your home to up the glamour factor:

1. Egg chairegg chair

Egg chairs are a classic piece of modern furniture. They range from more traditional looking to pod-like designs reminiscent of a science fiction movie. Regardless of the design you end up sticking with, the addition of an egg chair is sure to take your family room or living room into the 21st century–or beyond.

2. Eames style rocker or lounge chair

Similar to the egg chair, the Eames style rocker and lounge chairs are staples of modern furniture. In fact, Charles Eames himself is considered one of the fathers of modern furniture design. While it might be hard to get your hands on an original, there are plenty imitation and Eames-influenced pieces out there to satisfy this need.

3. Mid-Century modern couch

Mid-century modern is making a comeback. Known for their thin design and cool tones, a mid-century couch will add comfort and glamour to your living room while also reminding your guests of the Mad Men era. These items typically come in dark neutrals, but if you’re looking for a pop of colour, an emerald green or navy blue will suit the style best.

4. Oval coffee table

Make this simple coffee table the centrepiece of your home. Not only is it a versatile piece of modern design, it will perfectly complement your mid-century modern couch. Not all oval coffee tables will have the modern look you’re after, though. Stick to coffee tables with sleek lines, lighter wood, larger surface area, and smaller legs, which should ideally be balanced around the middle of the table.

5. High Top dining room table

Whether this is your main dining room table, or a small addition to your kitchen or dinette, this piece will provide a sense of modern elegance at your next dinner party. These space-conscious, stylistically-refined dining sets embody modern design–and modern eating.

Of course, the key to a beautiful home is uniqueness and personality. Don’t be afraid to mix elements of old and new with a vintage decoration next to your egg chair. Or, balance the cool neutrals of modern design with a pop of colour or lush tropical plants. Another trick to accomplishing a modern yet exciting home is to mix and match textures–try chrome next to wood or a shaggy carpet next to smooth tile. However, you decide to do it, make sure to finish your new modern home off with some pieces of art or decorative elements that speak to your personality.

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