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One would think that selling a home in such a high-demand climate for residential properties would be easier than it actually is, but alas, the real estate game has become yet another competitive market that requires homeowners and real estate agents to think outside the proverbial box. If you want to attract affluent buyers and sell your property for the highest possible price, you first need to invest time and money into creating the residential offer they can’t refuse.

Fortunately, quality always trumps quantity, even in the real estate realm, so creativity and meticulous staging are what you should be aiming at. With that in mind, here are the property styling secrets employed by genuine experts that will help you close a sale in no time.

It all starts with the curb appeal

More often than not, if the potential buyer doesn’t like the exterior, they won’t even bother coming inside. When it comes to selling a home, people really do judge the book by its cover, so before you start sprucing up the interior, there are a few things to take care of outside.

Start from the curb and work your way towards the house, removing trash containers from sight, fixing the pavement leading to the property, mending and repainting the fence, and of course, scrutinizing the facade itself. Remember that adding a fresh coat of paint is always a great way to rejuvenate the exterior.

Clear the clutter

Venturing inside, your first order of business should be to eliminate all physical clutter, which has surely accumulated over the years. No matter how much the place feels like home to you, you should also put away your personal belongings such as family photos, kids’ drawings and toys, clothes, and everything in between. You want to present a clutter-free setting where people can envision their future, and fall in love with what they see.

There’s no excuse for uncleanliness

When staging a property, the term “crystal clear” is not good enough. The potential buyer will scrutinize and inspect every nook and cranny of the exterior and interior, looking not only for any structural issues, but also shaping their perception by the cleanliness of every room. Needless to say, you should find a professional cleaning team to give the entire property a thorough scrub-down before showing day comes.

Let the buyer feel at home

Let’s delve deeper into the notion of feeling at home and envisioning a bright future in an unfamiliar setting. By far, the biggest selling point of your property will not come from any rational benefit, but from the emotional response it evokes in the buyer.

For instance, these fine examples of property styling in Sydney demonstrate that staging a home is all about meticulous positioning and decorating, designed to evoke the right, positive emotions that will inspire the buyer to immediately fall in love with the place. So, consider styling the home specifically for showing, instead of praying that prospective homebuyers will like the existing interior.

Tend to any pending repairs

You can bet that interested buyers will take every precaution before signing on the dotted line, and that professional property inspectors will greatly influence their decision-making process. Needless to say, if anything is wrong with your property, inside or out, the inspector is going to find it. That’s why tending to all pending repairs is always a better idea than trying to mask any internal or external issues around the house.

The key is in the lighting

Lighting plays a key role in creating a beautiful interior, as proper illumination can help you highlight all of the attractive aspects of the household while shifting the focus away from any dull or monotonous areas. If the setting feels like it could do with more natural light, and oftentimes it could, consider introducing strategic skylights and letting more light permeate the household with mirrors scattered throughout. Furthermore, you can opt for a more open floor plan, which will only invite sunlight to travel further inside.

Highlight the functional aspects of the property

Where there is functionality, there is happiness. Every homeowner appreciates a spacious, functional setting that meets the daily needs of the entire family and simply makes life easier and stress-free. So, consider if there are some other practical solutions you can introduce to make your interior more functional. Is the kitchen fully-equipped and can it be accessed from the garage? Is the bedroom isolated from the rest of the household and could it use a spacious en-suite? These are just some of the questions you want to pose when staging a property.

Strategic greenery wins the day

Finally, there is nothing that can frame the design quite as seamlessly as strategically positioned greenery. Not only is it soothing to the eye, but a well-placed Peace lily or a beautiful flower arrangement can also create excellent accents around the interior the buyers are bound to love. This is also a great opportunity to create a kind of a natural oasis that will defy the stressful nature of the modern lifestyle.

Staging a property has become an art form in its own right, and many a carefully-selected detail will play a vital role in creating the home everyone wants and needs. Take the time to study your property thoroughly and implement these staging secrets in order to close the sale of a lifetime.