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The moment you decide to sell your house is the moment when you stop being only the owner of the residence, but become a businessman and a sales person. This means that just looking for the most amusing and desired embellishments and additions you wish to add to your residence won’t suffice anymore, but you should also pay attention to how profitable your future renovations will be. If you wish to increase your home’s value, it’s important to invest in remodelling projects which will ensure you get your money’s worth. That being said, make sure to focus on some of these renovations that’ll actually pay off:

Curb Appeal

This might seem quite logical, but you’d be surprised to find out just how many people decide to invest all of their money on fixing up the interior, rather than spending a good amount on embellishing their curb appeal. While the interior of the home is of major significance, it’s important to realize that first impressions can make or break the deal, hence curb appeal should be your main priority when starting your remodel. A polished deck, a resealed driveway, a freshly painted fence and some lush greenery can make a great difference for potential buyers and don’t necessarily have to cost a fortune. The main motto here is definitely – spend smart, not much.

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel

Many people continuously debate whether it’s better to invest in a kitchen or a bathroom remodel, as both of these spaces are noted as the heart of the house. If you’re looking for fast clarification, the short answer would be – it’s best to invest in both. Because of indecisiveness, many sellers make the mistake of splurging their money on making major remodels on one of these two spaces and leaving the other intact. In reality, if you don’t have extra funds to invest in both a bathroom and a kitchen remodel, it’s a much smarter investment to make two minor remodelling projects and add a fresh touch to both spaces, than to focus solely on one particular space. Replacing the old kitchen appliances and countertops in the kitchen and adding a new vanity and fixtures in the bathroom doesn’t have to be an expensive venture and it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Attic or Basement Remodel

Instead of wasting money on pricey home extensions, it’s much wiser to spend that money on repurposing the space you already have available. For instance, an unoccupied garage space, an empty attic or even a basement remodel can make great projects, especially if turned into entertainment areas, playrooms, reading nooks or anything with a creative purpose. Creativity sells these days, so why not make the most out of the space you have and make some money in the process?

Small Fixes

If you’re looking for home improvements that are going to considerably increase your home value, then it’s best to rely on routine maintenance projects, small repairs and fixes around the house. Focusing on these so-called mid-range projects, you’ll be able to get back almost 100% of what you’ve invested. Home builders advise focusing your attention on fixing up leaks and cracks in plumbing, ridding your home from mould and rotting wood, replacing or painting the front door and applying a fresh coat of paint in every room of the house. These basic home design updates should be one of the priority steps in your home remodel, as potential buyers wish to purchase a functional residence, that doesn’t need too much fixing up. It’s also recommendable to hire a home inspector to examine your house thoroughly, so you’d have a clear idea what things require the most of your attention.

The most important thing in every home remodel is making a list of priory repairs that are going to make a significant change in your residence. While improving the aesthetical features of the residence is certainly quite important, it’s substantial to keep in mind, that in order to increase your home value, function always comes over form. Those who are looking to sell their homes should note that their desires and preferences don’t hold much value to potential buyers and that the only time you should follow your personal needs in remodelling projects is in case you’re doing a renovation simply to enhance the comfort for yourself and your family.