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If your home needs some updating, but you don’t want to start a huge project that includes builders, planning permission and a period of living in a home that’s full of dust and tradespeople, there are a surprising number of options.

While in some cases you will need building regulations, this is often dealt with by whomever you employ to do the job, thus, making your life relatively stress-free, with regards to your renovation work – at least! And that’s not something everyone who has work done can admit to.

“Some people enjoy renovating their home, but for others it’s a lot of work, effort and discomfort – no to mention cost – for a period of time that’s filled with stress and constant decision making,” said Assetgrove “But, with some thought and careful researching, there are a number of ways you can renovate, without the pain and hassle of workmen and big builder’s bills.”

Window works

Adding a skylight might seem like a big job. But, with a good number of off-the-peg skylights now available, it can actually be less stressful than you might expect. Opening skylights cost more than fixed, non-opening ones. But, with building costs likely less than £500 for a project that shouldn’t take more than around three days, it can be an excellent option to add light to a downstairs or roof extension.

Sticking with windows, if you’re more interested in making your existing ones look good than adding new ones, a set of full-length curtains can really make a difference. Or, if curtains aren’t your thing, then how about some fitted shutters?

Both options can be created, purchased and installed with the minimum of fuss. But, the difference they will make is sure to be remarked upon by everyone who sees them.

“Creating a new look and feel to a room is something many people want to do after a period of time in their home, or when they move into a new one,” said Westminster estate agent, Andrew Reeves. “Adding new window accessories is an excellent and relatively easy way to do that.”

Tile time

Another detail that can make a big difference to many homes, are tiles. Whether you’re talking wall tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, or floor tiles in the hallway or your back-door area, these can be replaced or spruced up to add some real character.

If you’re looking to add some colour or charm to your kitchen, simply replacing the tiles (and possibly your kitchen worktops) can make a really eye-catching impact. And, for confident and experienced DIYers, it’s a job that can be done without professional assistance.

The same is true for your bathroom tiles. Replacing existing bathroom tiles can really freshen an entire bathroom. And while you might want to consider getting a professional in, it’s not essential.

With regards to floor tiles, one way to add the wow factor is to uncover and clean up some original hallway floor tiles. It’s not always the cheapest option, but a professional floor tile clean can make a huge impact on the entrance of your home and make you feel as though you’ve had a bigger job completed.

“Replacing existing wall tiles or cleaning original floor tiles is a job that doesn’t take as long as you think it will, it can also feel a little less intrusive than some other renovation jobs you might consider,” said Knightsbridge estate agent, Plaza Estates. “Taking the time to consider smaller renovation style jobs that will make a major impact on your home, can help you fall back in love with it, without the intrusion of a bigger job that feels as though it’s gone on for ever.”