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When it comes to home renovations, a little planning can go a long way. When done right, a home renovation project can add significant resale value to your home. It can also improve your standard of living and make your home more comfortable.

Depending on the scope of your renovation project, you could end up spending $5,000 to $10,000. Making the decision to rent heavy renovation equipment can help you avoid overspending and overcapitalizing where you shouldn’t.

The five rules below will help you squeeze the most out of this expense, helping you get the best results for the right price.

1. Experience

When it comes to renovation projects, experience matters. You will want to work with a company that has extensive experience in home remodeling. Their knowledge can guide you in determining the right equipment for your requirements.

An experienced equipment rental company can provide advice and the necessary training to ensure you are adequately prepared to use specialized tools and equipment.

If you’ve never worked with an equipment rental company before, seek out their previous clients. Their opinions can provide transparency on things like customer service and training. This will allow you to anticipate potential problems that may arise down the line.

2. Training

If your renovation project is being carried out in a residential high rise, you may need the services of specialized construction equipment. In fact, you may need to rent a construction site crane to carry materials, tools, and equipment on developments over five stories.

Not many homeowners know how to used heavy construction equipment. Even general construction equipment like bulldozers or excavators will require training or an experienced operator. It’s important to hire an equipment rental company that provides specialized training for the equipment you rent.

If you are uncertain about operating a specific type of equipment, the right company will also provide an experienced operator to facilitate work on your project.

3. Customer service

There’s no worse feeling than working with a company with subpar customer service. You will undoubtedly have questions or concerns throughout your renovation project. Be apprehensive of companies that disappear the instant something goes wrong with their equipment or your project.

The right rental company for your project will have an established reputation for responsive customer service. A company that’s responsive to your needs and concerns prevents downtime and will save you money in the long run.

4. Insurance

Hazards are ever-present on a construction site. Particularly residential ones. Before signing on the dotted line, carefully comb through the rental contract.

You will want to work with an equipment rental company that adds homeowners to their liability policies. This will ensure that all parties involved are protected in the unfortunate event of an accident involving any rented equipment.

To avoid unnecessary legal headaches, you’ll want to be proactive in confirming your potential exposure to any liabilities regarding rented equipment. Make sure it’s clear where responsibilities lie when it comes to liability policies.

5. Service and maintenance responsibilities

You should note where responsibilities lie when it comes to crane service and maintenance. The rental company should be responsible for managing general service and maintenance on all rental equipment. A reputable, trusted company will also manage all the costs of service and maintenance.

If possible, inspect the rental equipment before it’s transported to your home. Inspect for physical damage. Ask if you or an experienced operator could test drive the rental equipment to confirm that it works.

The last thing you want is for rental equipment to arrive at your home broken or damaged. This will impact your project’s timeline and costs.

Other factors to consider before making a decision

No matter the equipment you require, due diligence is necessary. Your renovation project’s budget and timeline will need to be carefully considered before renting any equipment. How often equipment will be used should also be determined before renting equipment.

Whether you intend to enhance your outdoor space or modernize your kitchen with the latest kitchen design, a detailed plan of your rental equipment needs will ensure the success of your home’s renovation project.