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Roller blinds are the window treatment that’s here to stay. Easy to install, easy to clean and equipped with a range of choices, blinds are a clear choice in window décor. Are they the right choice for your home?

To answer this question we need to understand the difference between the terminologies. There are the normal curtains that most houses have. Shades are next and are a stretch of material with no slats. The shades can be raised and lowered. Blinds have slats that can be angle adjusted.

The most common blind in use today is the roman blind- made of fabric, they are flat when lowered but go into a pleat fashion when raised. They are lovely to look at but take up space and are also unsuitable for damp and humid spaces like the bathroom.

The roller blind is what makes more sense. It’s made of thick, stiff fabric and when pulled up, it rolls into a tube, tucked away on top, away from the space it might otherwise have taken up. Unobtrusive, inexpensive and easy to install, roller blindsare a great choice for a home. One of the main reasons for it is how updated and contemporary roller blinds are. This is the key difference between roman and roller. The roller looks very fancy. Otherwise, they both have string to control them. They both prevent light from entering the space. But the roman blind doesn’t prevent light completely; the slats are woven and so some light does get through. Roller blinds block light off completely. This makes them an ideal choice for a bedroom. It can enhance sleep quality and create a warm, calm space. Some people do prefer the roman blinds because some light may be needed.

Roller blinds work well in offices because they look professional. In fact, you can make the roller blind whatever you want it to be. If you need something plain, then that’s easy to do. Or if you like something ornate, you can go in for that too. Do keep in mind that white blinds come with a glare factor. It may not be restful with lights on or with sunlight.

Roller blinds are also great for other rooms in the house, especially the bathrooms and the kitchen. They come with a protective covering which makes them hardy and long-lasting.

What you could look for is roller blinds with lovely floral prints and colors. That’s a great way to add some style instantly to a room. Roller blinds come with other options too- you can adjust the amount of light you want by adding light filtering and blackout material. For those tough to reach windows, like skylights, you can get a motorized roller blind that works with a button, not a cord. This is safer for children and for pets. There can also be a choice of hidden control system that makes the lift and drop super easy.  If you want fewer cords on display, then a continuous cord loop is what you need.

This is why roller blades can make a great choice for your home. Make sure they are properly installed, kept away from children and animals and add to the aesthetic of the house.