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Chandeliers have always been part of a lavish lifestyle showcasing the grandeur of the house. A modish chandelier is enough to make a focal point in any home, office or a business premise. Chandeliers are often used as a style statement in a preferred space of the premise. A chandelier that fits the interior of the house can really make the house look stunningly magnificent. This is the reason that chandeliers through the ages have always been part of every royalty and their forts, courts to the modern seven star hotel lobbies to the houses of super rich.

Today, chandeliers come in so many styles and types and have become a lot more affordable. You can choose from a wide range of traditional, contemporary, modern chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, candle chandeliers, fremish chandeliers, drum chandeliers, LED chandeliers, semi flush chandeliers, flush chandeliers, industrial chandeliers, globe chandeliers, mini chandeliers, gold chandeliers, chrome chandeliers. But there are few considerations that have to be taken into account before you make your final decision which will make your buying decision worth the money paid.

Few considerations for choosing the best chandelier for your space:

The Height of the Ceiling: This is one factor that you cannot ignore when it comes to buying a chandelier. Nobody likes a chandelier that is so low that you can touch it with your hand when you stand. Likewise you would not want a chandelier that is hanged so high that it the fixtures get lost in the ceiling. If you want to hang it over some object like a table or any other object you must make sure that it is above the object by thirty inches or two and a half feet. Beside this the object must be larger by atleast a foot to make the chandelier provide a balanced look.

The Size: When it comes to choosing a chandelier for your space size does matter. Chandeliers come in different shapes and sizes to fit all space types. So you must figure out what size of the chandelier would be perfect for your space. Beside this you must also consider the diameter of the fixtures and think whether they will suit the size of your room or not. A small fixture in a large room and a large fixture in a small room don’t create the perfect balance. So think of the size first and then everything else.

Frames Used in Chandelier: Frames provide the chandelier the look that make it stunningly beautiful. Commonly used frame materials are plastic, glass, ceramic, metal and wood also. These frame materials come in different finishes and that is why you must consider their finish as per the interior of your space. Modern chandelier frames comes in very bright colors just to add elegance to the space. Frame material is also a good factor to determine the durability of chandelier. So you should also pay attention to the heaviness and final coating that won’t go away easily.

Maintenance: You wouldn’t want to buy a chandelier that will require a lot of care and maintenance. So ask how much easy it will be for you to clean it? For instance small crysta require a lot of care and attention to clean than larger ceramic ornaments present in the fixture. Ask what solution can be used to clean the frame material.

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