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It might be a bit too early to proclaim that the winter is coming – but it is, and, as the it gets chillier, most of us get into the mood of preparing our homes for the frosty time of the year.

If you‘re anything like me, you love a good accessory. They are generally quite cheap and can transform the look of any room of your house in an instant. While summer is all about tropical accents, original plant pots and flower prints, winter is epitomized by a cozy throw blanket.


It‘s a great choice for those of us who are looking for affordable ways to breathe fresh air into our homes and give them that unmistakeable wintry, yet cozy, feel.

However, there‘s such a huge variety of throws on the market that choosing the right one often turns into a tiresome challenge. Let‘s simplify it – our choice ultimately depends on two key considerations – the material and the effect you‘re going for.

1. Materials

The first thing that you should do on your quest for that perfect throw blanket is learny the basics about the heat-retaining characteristics of certain materials used for blanket sand throws.

Take the type of knitting as an example

As weird as it may sound, loosely-woven fabrics do a much better job at keeping you warm than tightly-knit textiles. This is due to the holes between the fibers, which trap the heat of your body and cause the warmth to accumulate inside the blanket over time. The ideal winter blanket is thus more likely to be loosely-knit.

Apart from the heat-retaining qualities, nothing says „you‘re welcome here“ than nice big chunkc of lofty interwoven strains of rish, lofty material.


Material used most commonly used for sofa throws is wool. It‘s affordable and there‘s a whole lot of different options to choose from – however, it‘s not as warm as some of the other fabrics out there, so you might want to look at other materials if you are searching for something special.


If you‘re looking for something extra fluffy and light, choose angora. It‘s a luxurious fiber, and seven times warmer than regular wool!

Goose down

The fabric with the highest level of heat-retaining properties is actually goose down. You are guaranteed to stay warm even during the chilliest nights if you go for this high-quality material, but it is understandably pricey and might be too bulky to serve as a living room accessory – a down throw will is more of bedrom choice.

Heated electric throw and blankets

An electric blanket somehow fell behind and slipped through the cracks of modern interior design. The most likely reason is the safety issues people had it with, but that was deacedes ago.

Today, the best electric blankets are neither tack or unsafe and can be a great conversation piece, since you don‘t seem them that often. It‘s also a great way to save on the eletric bill, especially if you‘re in a big house – you won‘t have to turn the dial of the thermostat all the way up on those cold winter days. You new electric friend will keep you and your sofa warm as you watch re-runs of „Friends“ for the 7th time.

It‘s just a matter of choosing a good one – for more tips on that visit this guide on top-rated heated blankets and throws.

Silk, flannel and cotton

Silk, on the other hand, is a more versatile choice, as it can keep you warm during the winter and provide that much-needed coolness on smouldering summer nights.

Flannel and cotton are generally considered to be better suited for warmer climates.

2. The look

Once you nail down the specifics of different materials that throw blankets are commonly made of, you’ll have to consider the look that you are going for – after all, throws are as much a gorgeous accessory as they are a functional item.

Be bold

Chosen right, they will freshen up the space and add a pop of colour, pattern and originality in an instant, especially if the room has a classic monochromatic look. Especially if your sofa is neutral, too – you can see some tips on decorating a room around a neutral-colored sofa here.

Too many people are afraid of color these days.

Spicing up a neutral living room chair with a contrasting blanket. Choose a warm blanket with fringed edges to breather new life into that high-back sofa you grew tired of.

You can also add a personal touch to some simple bedding if you just fold a colourful throw blanket lengthwise and place it at the end of the bed, or accentuate patterned bedding by choosing a solid blanket.

A faux fur throw is can bring some warmth even into the coldest, most neutral of rooms – it tends to look better when it is messy, so you should refrain from folding it. Simply drape it over the corner of the sofa and tuck it in here and there.

Fall back in love with your sofa

Finding that ideal throw blanket is ultimately all about exploring your taste and purchasing an item that manages to tick all of your boxes and gets you excited about your space again.

Adding a small piece like like a sofa throw, provided that you get the material and the colors right, will change the dynamics of the space.

Fall in love with your sofa again, like you did that first few weeks after getting it.

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