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Spring calls for a new look in your home that will exude positivity, freshness and natural energy. This means thorough spring cleaning that will freshen up your home and styling up your decorations to give them a spring-inspired look.


From your bedroom closet to your kitchen cabinets, you should declutter every corner of your home. Not only does clutter create a messy look but it also collects dust. Therefore, you should tackle each room in your home and remove all the unnecessary items. You should divide your belongings into three boxes: to keep, to donate and to throw away.

Organise and scrub the fridge

Along with spring comes lighter, fresher food, so make sure that your fridge is ready for a new supply. You should clean your fridge both from the inside and the outside with warm soapy water. You can use lemon to eliminate unpleasant scents. Afterwards, you can organise your fridge into different “food zones” to keep everything neatly arranged.

Deal with stains

From those stubborn carpet stains to watermarks on faucets, you shouldn’t let them settle in. There are different stain-removing techniques depending on the stained area and stain itself. For example, you can remove water stains from faucets using nothing more than a lemon. Make sure to use appropriate solutions to avoid damaging a surface or a material.

Don’t skip the shared spaces

If you live in an apartment or strata building, you shouldn’t overlook the shared spaces, such as common rooms, shared storage units, joint gardens, etc. In Sydney, for example, building residents take care of their joint areas together. They often opt for professional strata cleaning in Sydney because it’s much easier than adjusting to each person’s schedule. Thus, you and your neighbours should also consider seeking professional help so that your building has a beautiful, fresh shine this spring.

Clean the carpets and upholstery

Different fabrics around your home might be filled with dust and mites, especially the upholstery and carpets. In fact, carpets are home to numerous toxins and chemicals, so make sure to have them professionally cleaned once or twice a year. For your upholstery, you can use different cleaning supplies, including water-based solutions, dry-cleaning solvents or simply a brush or a vacuum cleaner.

Go green

When cleaning your home, you should consider switching to eco-friendly cleaning products or making your own solutions. Since regular products are highly toxic, green cleaning solutions will enable you to have a clean and healthy home.

Welcome flowers

Having cleaned your home meticulously, you can style it up and introduce spring-inspired décor. And there’s no better accessory than nature, so you should decorate your home with fresh flowers. Not only will they freshen up your home and fill it with natural energy, but they will also bring in inspiring colours.

Add an accent wall

Painting a single wall in a different hue can transform your space completely. You can use colour to create the wow effect in your home and give a certain room a focal point. You can use open shades, such turquoise or blush pink, or go with bold hues, such as black, royal blue or forest green. This simple change will introduce a sense of novelty to your home and elevate your décor.