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Our houses are the epitome of our creativity. We take time to blend and mix various designs and colours to create the perfect living space. From our bathrooms to our kitchens, we make sure that every furniture we use, every wall hanging we put up and every colour we put on our house’s walls gels up together to create the perfect masterpiece.

Here is a list of some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture to add to your house:

  • Oasis Chair: This type of chair is one of the best chairs to add to your house’s living room. Get it in a pair or add only a single piece of this chair to your room, the Brich wood and the beautiful texture of the chair will add life to your living room. Made with a decent and elegant design, this chair will catch the eye of every visitor!

  • Florence 3 seater: If you wish to add a modern piece of furniture to your house, then this is the one for you. This 3-seater sofa set offers you the ultimate pleasure of adding aesthetic value to your house. This modern sofa comes with a beautiful fabric and can house three people easily. The shimmery fabric of the sofa attracts the eyes of the visitors and is easy to keep clean. The build of the sofa, as well as the legs of the sofa, are made of good quality timber legs.

  • Belle Marble Nest Side Tables: If you are trying to add something modern and classy to your rooms, then this set of tables is the best one for you. Belle Nest tables are marble top tables that offer you a beautiful look and an amazing finish. This set of three tables comes in two colours, black and white. The beautiful marble top adds a classy feel to whichever setting it may be put in, and the stainless steel legs add to the beauty of the table itself. This table can be used as a side table and the three different sizes can either be used together or separated and used wherever necessary.
  • Stacked Side Table: If you are looking for something fancy to add to your rooms or your personal rooms, then this is the choice for you. All you need is this table! The table is designed in mango wood and comes with a great finish. The drawers are stacked one after the other, and this table is pleasant to look at. You can add this table to your study room or have it included in your bedroom!

  • Marble Coffee Table: This table comes with chrome-finished legs and a beautiful modern styled marble top. This new age piece of furniture can be added to your living room or to your study to add a new and an amazing feel to it. The dual-tone legs of the table and the steel frame of the table gives it a sturdy and elegant look.

  • Wooden Trunk: If you are looking to design your house in a minimalist fashion or going for a specific theme, then this table is your best option. The low-rise table adds a funky and young look to your room. Additionally, the shades of brown on this table are simply beautiful and will help you add more aesthetic value to your house!

Koala Living offer you many options to add to your house and decorate it with. Add as many products as you want and make your house simply amazing!