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Now that we’re eight months into the year and fast approaching the colder months we’ve decided to have a look at one of the most popular trends from 2017. Lighter floors bring an air of calm and tranquility to a room, acting as an oasis in your home and play a great role in the minimalistic look that so many people go for these days. Aside of this many homeowners are currently loving pairing lighter floors with matching interiors to help create an ‘open’ space in the room, but many people worry about the reality of living with light floors, how will they withstand the perils of day to day life? Is it hard to keep them clean? Of course there are pros and cons for all flooring options so for those who aren’t fully on board lets take a look.

What’s available? 

One of the most popular options on the market right now is white/white-washed wood flooring, whether these are brand new boards that are pre-finished or if you choose to renovate the original wood floors that are already installed. Most pre-finished floors are made out of engineered wood, which although bears a striking similarity to real wood, is actually a man made product and much cheaper than its solid counterpart. However if you do fancy yourself as a bit of a DIY enthusiast then there are numerous ways of introducing this style of flooring into your home without having to pay over the odds. As mentioned before, if you already have wood flooring installed in your house then all you will need to do is sand the boards, then paint them with your desired finish before sealing the board itself. However if you like the look of wood but aren’t too keen on the price tag that comes with it then there are other options available, such as wood-effect vinyl and also laminate. Both of these offer the same effect and finish but are much more of a budget-friendly choice.

What are the pros? 

Although we discussed lighter coloured floors helping to contribute towards the minimalist look  there is no restriction on the style and decor that they could also accompany. With so many types of decor floating around at the moment it can be quite difficult knowing what to pair with what, but light flooring compliments just about anything; from shabby-chic to industrial glam. 

Dirt and dust can be quite the worry if you’re installing light floors, but they can actually make your house appear cleaner, this is mostly because lighter colours such as white are seen as being pure colours. Due to the way that light reflects from paler surfaces the room can also look larger than it actually is because it appears more open and airy. This means that lighter coloured floors would be a great choice for rooms that perhaps felt a little smaller, e.g studies and smaller living rooms.

If you have furnishings and interiors that are a bit brighter then light flooring does a great job of accenting these features and making them appear to ‘pop’ from either walls or floors. Not only this, but white floors can work exceptionally well alongside darker walls, especially if there is an ombre effect on the wall, making it seem like it fades into the floor.

What are the cons? 

Of course, nothing is perfect and the constant niggle with lighter floors is how to keep them looking in mint condition. The trick is, well, there’s no trick.. you need to ensure that you clean your floor every day, whether that is sweeping or mopping and most definitely vacuuming. It all really depends on what kind of traffic your floor is expected to receive, if you have a busy home then it’s likely that you’re going to have to clean it more than someone who perhaps lives alone. Of course there are numerous practices that you can put into place to prevent such dirt collecting and being trampled into your home, placing rugs along your floor is one and of course you can always forcibly remove shoes from the feet of your visitors!

If you are going to finish and seal the floor yourself then precautions should be taken,  if you’re not very good at DIY then we would certainly recommend hiring a professional to do the job as oppose to taking it on yourself. If you are considering bleaching your hardwood then you need to be aware of what may happen if the wood itself does not agree with the process, you can expect things like the pores opening and the wood fibres themselves becoming weaker, you could in fact be doing more damage than good to the wood. There is also always a risk of white paint going slightly yellow and discoloured over time so if you do choose to paint the floors yourself then you may have to go over them after a certain period of time as oppose to if you buy them already finished and sealed.

With all of this in mind it’s entirely up to you on whether you choose to renovate your own floor or opt for pre-finished solid/engineered wood flooring. Either way we think you’ll love the end result that light flooring offers!

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