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If you have found yourself in need of a storage unit for the first time, you may be overwhelmed, especially when it comes what size unit to choose. Storage units do come in a variety of sizes from small to extra-large and the size you need will depend on what you plan to store and whether or not you will have more items to store in the future. Below, we explore some things to keep in mind to help you choose the right size storage unit.

Go Through and Take Inventory

One of the first things you need to think about is what will you be storing in your storage unit? You cannot choose a self-storage unit size until you know what it is that you need to keep in the unit. For example, someone who needs to store a few filing cabinets will have different needs than someone who needs to store a three-bedroom home.

You should sit down and think about the items you plan to keep in your unit and then estimate the number of totes and boxes you will have. Once you know this number and have a good idea of what you plan to store, you can start to assess your needs better.

How Full of a Unit Do You Want

This can be a tough question for some because everyone has their own idea of what their storage unit should look like and how it should function. The amount of space you need will be determined by how much room you want inside of your unit.

For instance, if you plan to just place all of your items in storage and not return for several months to retrieve it, then you will need less space overall because you can cram the unit full. If you need to be able to access the items in your storage space, then you will need more room as you will want to be able to move around and not have to unload the unit to reach one box.

Use Your Moving Truck as a Baseline Idea

One great way to determine how much space you need or the size your storage unit should be is to use your moving truck as a guide. The dimensions of the moving truck are similar to the dimensions of the storage unit. For example, if you use a 25-foot moving truck and your items fit with room to spare, you will need a 10-foot by 20-foot storage unit to hold your items. If you only need a 15-foot truck, then you only need to rent a 10-foot by 10-foot storage unit.

Always Estimate a Bit More Than You Think You Need

As a final rule of thumb, you should always estimate a bit higher than what you need. If you are in doubt, go with the next size up.

The size of your storage unit will depend on your needs and also what you plan to store inside. While you may think, you need a large unit, if you only plan to store a couple of things, you can rent a smaller unit.

If you find that you need help determining the size of the unit you need, speak with the onsite manager, as he or she can help you choose the best size.