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Decorating your wall does not have to cost you a fortune. There are a lot of DIY projects online that you can get inspiration from. Aside from the fact that DIYs are such a huge trend in the interior design industry today, they also unleash your creativity and won’t hurt your pocket.

Take a look at some of the best DIY wall decor ideas that we have wrapped up in this article. They would give your home a chic, cool vibe and would make a great conversation piece whenever you have guests.

1. Think Outside the Frame

What else would give your home interior a personal touch other than your pictures hanging on the wall? Curate your best memories captured on camera and let them give you nostalgic feels every time. Choose the type of picture frame that suit your interior design. For the rustic interior, shabby wood picture frames work best. While white-painted, intricately-crafted ones are perfect for a French country interior.

2. Funky and Functional

Make your wall both a decoration piece and storage. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. You can hang things that showcase your passion, such as your guitars, and be amazed by how they can make your wall instantly look eccentric. You don’t need to buy any expensive materials, just some guitar wall hangers to get this project started. This works best on wood pallet walls also.

3. Quirky Cork Boards

Uplift your mood by hanging the things that bring a smile to your face, may it be fashion inspiration images or some pieces of art by a friend. You can cover the wall in cork board or simply hang a small cork board, then pin light knick-knacks such as travel mementos, cool pictures, or even your to-do list. This is best displayed beside your home office, so this cute stuff on the board would help lessen your stress while you work.

4. Plant Plaintiff

Hanging plants are not just another gorgeous decor on your wall. Plants help purify the air inside your home by removing harmful compounds in the atmosphere. Plus, plants have such a calming effect on humans.

You can use hanging planters or hanging shelves to display those stunning plants. You’ll also love the contrast between the structured geometric shelves and the organic look of the plants.

5. Playful Pallets

If there’s one thing that has been really making waves in the interior decorating world, it’s the wood pallet. They are such versatile pieces but don’t cost too much. You can either paint them with calligraphy or images or turn them into a decorative display holder. Others also cut them out into letters to create a statement piece. It will just take some creativity and artsy skills for you to come up with a stunning piece that will surely become an asset to your home.

6. Pretty Printables

If you don’t want to fork out a large chunk of moolah for expensive paintings, “art printables” got you covered. Just look around online for art pieces or inspiration, have them printed and framed, and voila. You already have elegant decor! If you can digitally draw, then you can have your own drawings hanging on the wall and earn some bragging rights from your guests!

7. Celestial Creature

If you want some drama on your wall, take a chance on this constellation art project. All you have to do is form a group of stars behind a canvass by using string lights. String lights are available at your local hardware store or you can get them online at a very friendly price. This wall decor definitely looks astonishing with your house lights off. Just staring at them would make you feel relaxed.

8. Sassy Shelves

Are you tired of seeing clutters all around the house? Take a cue from this decoration inspo to end that woe. Since gorgeous and functional wall decorations are very “now”, you too can also turn beautiful frames into shelves. Put knick knacks in them so they won’t just look organized, but would also appear very chic.

9. A Thing for Polaroids

If you want to display those pretty prints, sans the picture frames, then you can try using clothespins and strings. Hang your Polaroid images on the wall to remind you how beautiful life is. This is one sure-fire way to give your wall a cool, nostalgic vibe without spending a fortune.

10. Faux For You

This piece instantly looks expensive because you think this is cast-iron. But would you believe this is made up of recycled toilet paper rolls? No pun intended, but it is. Press the toilet paper rolls into a pointed ellipse-like shape and paint them black like this one. Faux cast-iron at its finest!