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Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is busy in preparing for the decorations. You would find many types of decorations available in the market which would lure you to buy. But the best part about Christmas is to do it yourself decorations. This is when you get along with your children and family to make the best possible decorations to bond over such an arrangement.

It is a great way to celebrate Christmas and spend some quality time. There are loads of options where you can make do it yourself decorations to enlighten the house to the core. Christmas trees, snowflakes, decorative gifts, Christmas stockings and much more can be made in very innovative ways. With the advent of technology, the ideas keep on flowing at the social networking websites where people showcase their talent and help others in decorations.

This is the best platform where people show all sorts of talents they possess and give ideas to all the viewers. You can also make a followers list as well so that you keep on feeding them with different ideas.

For now, let us concentrate on the 10 best do it yourself ideas for Christmas and make your homes merry

  1. Christmas Tree from Books

Christmas tree is a must have in a Christmas Decoration. But this does not mean we cut trees as a thought to the environment is also necessary along with celebrations. You can use the books available in your home or office and pile them up in the shape of a Christmas tree. Decorate it with the flicker lights and place a star on the top to make the best Christmas tree which can be dismantled without much hassle.

  1. Snow Flakes

Snow Flakes can be made with Popsicle sticks as it is easily available and can be stuck with glue to make any design. Color it with can paints in gold, silver or any color of your choice and make it as big as you wish. It can be used for storage purposes as well if decorated in such a manner.

  1. Gift Tags

You can create gift tags from waste boxes and decorate it with Christmas messages. You may tie ropes or ribbons to attach them to the gifts. The tags can be cut in various shapes such as Christmas trees, snowflakes, Santa Claus and much more.

  1. Origami

Origami is an age-old process to make many designs with the art of folding papers. It has many ways to make Christmas gifts and greetings to send to the loved ones. It is a great way to show your talent and make it look better than the readymade decorations. It can be colored to give the perfect look.

  1. Wall/Door Hangings

Wall hangings can be beautiful if created using the waste products such as cotton, strings, colors, papers and much more. Make a round shaped snow flake to be hung on the walls and doors. It gives a nice welcome to the guests and makes them feel special. A real snow flake would be of white or silver color and this would look great with a red background.

  1. Snowman

Snowman is a fascination to the children and it is better to be made with snow which is a ritual. But what about places where snow is not available?Well you can make a Snowman with many thigs. One easy way out would be to use a wooden board and color it with natural effects or a color of your choice. Paint the snowman on it in layers and give it a nice look with real scarf and long orange carrot for a nose.

  1. Dinner Table Decorations

The dinner table can be decorated well in the mood of Christmas. You can use the quarter plates and dinner plates to make a snow man and use the napkins to make the scarf. The hats can be cut outs from scrap books or any other hard papers. The eyes and buttons can be made with black olives which can be edible at the dinner table and the customary carrots can be used for the nose.

  1. Stockings

Stockings can be made from normal socks to put goodies for children. You can also use clothes to make stockings out of it. Children wait for the stockings to be filled by Santa Claus post mid night. You can use the clothes drying pins to stick it to the walls or hang them on different places.

  1. Food Decorations

Candies and chocolates along with cakes can be made in various shapes and themes. It is a great way to make the celebrations a fun filled event. You can decorate candies in the shape of elves and snow men or make reindeer horns on the cookies.

  1. Candles

Candles can be made in many ways and there are loads of options to play around in it. You can sue different colors and make rainbow shape candles. You can also make floating candles which can be put in water with other decorations like colorful and floating balls as well. See this jar candle holder for example.

Final Words – Merry Christmas to y’all!

All these decorations would make your Christmas celebrations a grand affair and keep the children busy. It is a nice way to show your creative side and let the children also explore their creative instinct. You can make a good exercise for the vacations for your children and get along with them to make such Do it yourself decorations.

We all have a creative side in us but are not known to it or have not been given an opportunity to work on it. This is one occasion that you can look at to brush up your skills.

Christmas is a yearend festival and there are loads of preparations that need to be done such as making sweets and goodies, cribs and decorating the house with lights, snowflakes, snowmen and the most important of all Christmas tree. So, make the most of this opportunity and gear up to make use of the available items at home to make a do it yourself decorations for Christmas.