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canvases, bold colors and eco-friendly designs will be in trend this year. It’s
time for homeowners to take the lead and express their versatile, creative and
extravagant sense of style through their home’s furniture. Forget about classic
hardwood tables and chairs as this 2015 we’re going for unusual materials and
unexpected sizes, shapes and design. Here are 10 of the coolest furniture
design trends for 2015.
1.      Color pop
about boring beige couches and sofas. This 2015, we’re adding color. You’ve got
two options: you can throw away your old couch and purchase a new one, or you
can “dress” the old one. Regardless of your choice, make sure the new tone
you’ve chosen brings your whole living room to life. Modern living rooms have a
neutral backdrop in 2015 in order to allow the furniture and the accessories to
shine. That being said, a fuchsia couch with vintage-inspired patterns will go
perfectly with those oversize vases you just placed next to the window.

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2.      Shelves
shelves are a cheap way of creating a modern bookcase without investing
thousands of dollars on new furniture. In fact, this 2015 open-shelving is a
design trend we’ll see in the kitchen, too. Display books and photos in the
living area, but make sure to keep everything organized to have balance and
create a soothing ambiance.
3.      Glass furniture
made of glass is cool, interesting and extravagant. Although it’s a bit expensive,
investing in a top-quality coffee table made of glass will be worth it. Stay
away from classic shapes and models that feature mixed materials (wood and
glass), and opt for all-glass tables. They’re simple, yet so inspiring!

4.      Clean lines in the bedroom
2015 we’re witnessing a complete makeover in the bedroom. Everything looks
clean and simple. Sheets are white, drapes are white, and the overall mood of
your sleeping place should scream cleanness. However, you don’t want to make
the bedroom seem too cold. Dim the lights, add flowers and candles to create a
romantic mood.
5.      Built-in furniture
furniture permits homeowners to save space and make room for storage, both
vertically and horizontally. The deeper you go the higher chances you have to
create impact. Built-ins provide a framework for a wealth of needs: storage of
TV and media equipment, photos, books, collectibles, and more.
6.      Retro-inspired furniture
known as pin-up-inspired
this idea for decorating your home is not just ingenious, but also gallant. Can
your home handle such an amalgam of patterns, shapes and colors? Because that’s
what retro means; the 50s style is back. Decorative pillows made of turquoise
plush and polka-dot patterns are about to revolutionize the general appearance
of your living room.
7.      Futuristic bathroom furniture
doesn’t love a beautiful bathroom? This year, it’s all about futuristic
influences. Aside from being environmentally friendly, 2015 bathrooms are neat
and simple, yet extravagant at a closer look. Marble flooring, glass bathtubs,
and minimalistic cabinetry will give your bath a unique, modern allure.
8.      Textured walls
walls are the next big thing in interior design. These 3D patterns create the
most dramatic look and they add movement to your personal space. Pair a dining table
made of sheer glass with a textured wall and enjoy the result.
9.      Bras is class
metallic tones will give your room a royal allure. However, not everyone can
afford to spend money on golden bowls and other ornamental décor items; brass
makes spaces look expensive and luxurious. You can either have accessories made
of brass, or invest in furniture with brass accents – chairs with brass legs,
cabinets with brass knobs, and so on.
10. Marsala influences
is this year’s dominant color. It goes beautifully with a classic home design,
but it can also be incorporated in vintage-inspired homes. Marsala is a warm
cheery nuance; it is extremely luxurious and it adds opulence and originality
into your home.
year’s newest trends in furniture design are deeply linked to the rest the
accessories spread around your home. Regardless of the budget you have
available, what really matters is to have original ideas. Mix and match, get
inspired from the ideas of top designers, and put your creativity to the test
with some great DIY projects. Whatever you do, just remember – it’s your home
and you should make it look and feel comfortable.  

By Peter Smith and TomFaulkner.co.uk!