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Building a new house requires the expertise of several people including architects and engineers to ensure the construction of its solid foundation. These construction experts will help design a house that will withstand the tests of time.

The website of thebcgroup.com features professionals that will help you in the construction of most kinds of buildings. True enough that the construction of a new house is just the first step towards making a home. Decorating and to make it your own is the next step.

Decorating your home is helpful in playing up your house’s strengths while at the same time concealing its flaws making it to look pleasant for anyone.

Here are some decorating tips to freshen up your home without spending tons.

  • Make the front door fun and welcoming.

Setting the tone right at the front door will help establish a good impression. While you can choose from a rainbow of colors to paint your home, designers recommend using bright colors like red, yellow and orange.

In early America, red is considered a welcoming color for tired travelers. The colors orange and yellow are linked to the feelings of warmth and joy.

  • Choose light and neutral wall colors.

Select colors such as gray, beige, or white particularly on the ground floor where a flow is essential. You should avoid sharp transitions.

Walls in neutral colors provide the greatest flexibility in decorating and allows you to change up your decors quickly. Paint two small adjacent rooms with the same color to give the illusion of them being bigger.

  • Arrange the furniture wisely.

People tend to think that placing furniture against the walls will make a room look larger, which is contrary to what designers think. Float furniture away from walls. This technique will trick our eyes into thinking that the place looks bigger than it really is.

Arrange furniture in groups that encourage conversation: chairs and sofas directly facing each other and a coffee table at the center.

  • Consider your drapes.

Your curtains should be both elegant and functional. If the room gets plenty of sunlight, choose light colors that will not fade. Try using silk blends, linen, and cotton fabrics since they drape beautifully.

  • Hang mirrors in the rooms.

    Mirrors create more space because they can reflect light across a room. But placing a mirror in the wrong location can be a disaster. Put it on walls that are perpendicular to windows, not directly across them. Hanging the mirror across a window will bounce the light back out the window.
  • Balance artwork to the wall.Consider scaling artwork to your wall. If you have a large wall, you may opt for one large piece or group small ones together. If you choose the latter technique, it’s highly recommended to put two to four inches between items. The center of a picture or artwork should hang at approximately eye level.
  • Ensure layered lighting.

    Consider having three kinds of lighting in each room. These include the following:
  • Task – over a reading nook or a kitchen island
  • Ambient – provides the general lighting to a room
  • Accent – highlights a wall or décor like an artwork

Place a carpet under furniture feet to define a seating area.

In a living room, the sofa and chair legs in a furniture group should fit on a rug. At least the front legs of the chairs and sofa should rest on the carpet approximately eight by ten feet or nine by twelve foot to properly do this. A smaller rug size is bound to make the room look out of scale.

  • Raise your ceiling with visual tricks.

    If you have a low ceiling, you can try painting them white to make it look less cramped. White paint will create the illusion of making the ceiling taller. You can also try hanging curtains higher than your windows, tricking the eye into viewing a taller room.

    If you prefer patterned panels, you can use vertical stripes to elongate the walls. Leaning a tall mirror against a wall can also do the same trick.
  • Reinvent old fixtures.

    Using inexpensive refinishing kits and spray paint, you can transform old fixtures and breathe new life into them. Try a quick spray of satin-nickel spray or hammered bronze paint.

    Add a touch of white paint and new hardware to outmoded kitchen cabinets to make them look new. Outdated fixtures will only make your house look worn out and giving them a new finish will invigorate the space to which it belongs to.

Final Thoughts

A home says a lot about the people living there, and as much as possible, you want to make great impressions when you invite guests over. Decorating your home to express yourself, make it presentable and pleasant to guests does not have to break your budget. With these decorating tips, you can gladly welcome your guests inside your home and be confident that it looks great.