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 Whatever its size, the kitchen is the most hardworking room in the house. Cooking, entertaining, and relaxing: the kitchen will continue to integrate in form and function with the rest of your home in 2017. Here are ten kitchen trends to keep an eye on.

The storage wall

The floor to ceiling storage hub is expected to be a key trend for kitchens during the coming year. The perfect way to hide clutter and create more usable space, high-quality and hard-working storage will create a wow factor in any kitchen.

Seamless modernity

Matte finishes, mixed materials, industrial design accents and touch catch doors will all contribute to the new seamless modernity. Sleek and contemporary, worktops are clutter free and storage like hidden internal drawers is maximised. A new twist on traditional

The Shaker style kitchen will continue to be popular as a design choice, but the trend towards pared down looks will also impact on the more traditional kitchen. Gone are ornate mouldings and chunky profiles in favour of a more modern look and feel, always with painted doors.

Smart kitchens

The Internet of Things is finally here and with it a range of smart appliances that make everyday life just a little easier. Start small by automating your kitchen tap then download an app that tells the oven to cook the dinner before you even walk through the door.

Wood as an accent colour

Wood can add a beautiful accent to your kitchen when used sparingly. While unpainted wood cabinets may be out of favour, beautiful wooden work surfaces or island cladding in either bleached timbers or darker walnut are strongly on trend. Wood flooring is also having a moment, thanks to engineered woods that have greater resistance to moisture and come in a huge range of finishes. Upgrade to Quartz

Like engineered wood, engineered stone worktops are providing the luxe look of quartz at surprisingly affordable prices, making the upgrade from laminate an attractive one. A neutral greige will complement a wide range of kitchen decor.Grey is the new white

White remains the go-to colour for kitchen cabinets, but grey is snapping at its heels. And no wonder, as neutral grey pairs beautifully with the mixed materials that will dominate kitchen design this year. Smart, elegant and effortlessly modern, the grey kitchen is a contemporary classic. Combining textures and materials

This is perhaps the biggest trend for 2017 and creates some stunning effects, pairing wood and stone, polished concrete and marble and mirror to create worktops, floors and splashbacks that all play into the retro industrial look. Playing with different textures and materials will create kitchens that are uniquely stylish with practical function.


The simple, neutral palette of the modern kitchen is being challenged by bold accents of strong blues and greens, like Pantone’s Greenery, or deeper and more sombre violets and olives. Pay attention to finishes

Look for strong architectural shapes for sinks and taps, and pay attention to finishes. Brass and copper will continue to be popular, adding a pop of warmth to a restrained and neutral palette.