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Rugs are the unsung heroes of interior design. A versatile accessory that can be used in any space, rugs come in limitless styles, sizes, colours, patterns, and textures, making it easy to find a rug for every room.

If you have neutral colour schemes in your home, one of the best ways to add some brightness to the room is through the addition of a colourful lounge rug. Here’s ten great lounge rug ideas to brighten up your space:

Capture the Coastal Look with Sea Colours

Nothing adds a fresh brightness to a room quite like ocean coloured rugs. There are many combinations of colours suitable for this, from soothing teal rugs to gorgeous azure rugs to name a few.

Go Bold with Bright Yellows

Nothing quite adds brightness and vibrancy to a room than yellow. It’s a very refreshing colour that works especially well in neutral colour schemes, providing a sharp contrast to the subtle tones found elsewhere in the room.

Pack a Punch with Striped Rugs

Striped rugs are a fantastic way to add a range of colours to a space. You can combine any variation of colours to suit other colour schemes in the room. Sharp, refreshing, and simplistic, nothing packs a punch like multi-coloured striped rugs.

Add Tranquillity with Soft Greens

Opting for soft green tones in a rug adds a much subtler brightness to a room that many find relaxing and refreshing. Associated with health and nature, try pairing with plants and other natural accessories for a soothing, tranquil space.

Fruity Greens Offer Ample Vibrancy

If you want a green rug to add more vibrancy to your space, consider looking for fruity greens such as apple-green or lime-green. These shades certainly catch the eye, providing a nice freshness to an otherwise calm colour scheme.

Bring Warmth to a Room Using Orange

Orange rugs are a wonderful addition to any space. A year-round colour that adds warmth and character to spaces lacking it, there are a range of orange hues to work with. Go for bright orange if you want to add more punch, while softer rust oranges provide a more rustic aesthetic to a space.

Red Rugs for an Elegant Dash of Colour

There are various shades of reds that work well in patterned rug, from bright red to rich burgundy. A bright red patterned rug produces a head-turning aesthetic that stands out while adding vibrancy, although for a regal look, consider wine-coloured reds.

Violet Rugs Provide Colour Fit for Royalty

Purple in general is a very elegant colour and works amazingly well with neutral schemes like white and beige. Use vivid violet rugs for a royal-looking space oozing with class, sophistication, and nice dose of colour.

Go All Out with a Multicolour Rug

If you’re looking for colour, nothing is quite as effective as a multicoloured rug. Available in various patterns, you can combine any range of colours that suits your styles and preferences. Geometric patterns work especially well with a multicolour rug.

Pink Pastel for a Calm Yet Colourful Design

Pastel pink rugs are a gorgeous addition to any space. They offer the perfect balance of calm and colourful, working to accentuate the room without sticking out like a bright pink would.