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Everyone wants a clean and
organized home. A carpet in your home can be the dirtiest thing as everyone
including your guests, pets in your home will walk on it. Most of the germs
reside on a dirty carpet. Kids can accidently split chewing gum or drop any
item like sauce, ink etc. Thus it becomes of utmost importance that you should
keep an eye on keeping your carpet clean. It’s good to follow a DIY cleaning
approach but at the same time it’s important to follow some tips so that you
get maximum benefit.
So, the team at Foam Frenzy
a cleaning company thought of creating an
infographic with 10 DIY carpet cleaning secrets and tips and following them is
really beneficial for your carpet cleanliness and it’s long life. The
infographic covers important tips on removing the furniture before cleaning,
vacuuming, drying the carpet, removing the stain and much more that you can
explore with the infographic below.