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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything you have to do in your home. Often, it’ll seem as if there’s no time for you or your relationships! Keeping a home clean can be one of the most soul-draining, energy-sucking chores that busy homeowners have to face. If your life seems to be a never-ending cycle of vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing bathrooms and changing sheets, it might be time to invest in a home cleaning service.

There are a lot of questions you may have when trying to figure out which house cleaning company to engage. So many options! Should they come each week, or twice a week, or once a month, or just once in a while? Should they clean every room or just the worst ones? Here are some tips on how to pick the best cleaning service for you and your family.

  1. Read the online reviews.

If you see online reviews on Google and Facebook that complain about poor service, then it’s best to stay away from that cleaning service. Other people have already tried it and it didn’t work out, and they felt strongly enough about the experience to leave a negative review. Almost every company gets a bad review once in a while from a disgruntled customer, but if you see more than a few thatmeans something is definitely amiss. It’s better to skip that company entirely instead of dealing with major disappointments in the future.

  1. Interview several different services.

Shop around and be an educated buyer. Ask to meet the different people who will be working in your home. Make sure that they are up to your standards! Don’t be afraid to ask for certification, quality assurance, and references. Homes are intimate places and serve as the heart of your family. Allowing people into your house is a big deal! You need to be able to forge a relationship of trust with the cleaning crew or individual cleaner.

  1. Choose which areas of the house you want cleaned.

Not only that, make sure to communicateit clearly with the cleaning crew. You don’t want to find out once you come home that they entered a section of your house you didn’t want opened. If you need certain areas of your home to be given special attention, make sure you can work with a cleaning company that can accommodate those requests.

  1. Agree on pricing in advance.

You can either book cleaners on the basis of an hourly rate, and they will do as much as they can within the time allotted, or you can obtain an advance quote to carry out cleaning of specific areas of the house and undertake specific tasks, for example cleaning of windows or venetian blinds. Many of the larger cleaning companies offer instant online quotes based on a simple questionnaire about your requirements, so that you have an indication of the price before you contact them. Check out the website of Stellar Home for a good example of an instant quote facility. Then get everything confirmed in writing to avoid any disagreements later on.


  1. Sort out any access issues.

Different types of residences can have different access issues. If you live in an apartment or condo, your cleaner may need to have special clearance to enter. If you live in a town house or duplex, parking can become an issue. If you live in a house, there is usually enough street parking for multiple cars, but there may be a gate in your community. And if you may not be at home when the cleaners arrive, consider carefully the arrangements that need to be made for access – for example, should you leave a spare key with a neighbor, concierge or the cleaning company itself?

  1. Check to see who will supply the equipment.

You may feel more comfortable with the cleaners using your own vacuum cleaner and brooms, or maybe you’d prefer that the crew bring everything themselves. Usually, the company will bring their own equipment and cleaning solvents. However, if someone in your home suffers from allergies, it’s important to discuss this with the company as certain cleaning products can trigger allergic reactions. If you prefer to use organic products, some companies can supply these, whilst others will be happy to use the products that you supply.

  1. Ask if background checks are done on employees.

It’s essential to forge a relationship of trust with your housecleaner. Most reputable companies will screen their employees before hiring them to make sure that there are no blots on their records. To ensure the safety of your home and belongings, it is important to ask about employee histories before starting service. It’s also worth discussing whether the same house cleaner will be sent to your house every time you need it cleaned.

  1. Ask about insurance.

Sometimes, accidents happen. Truly professional services will have measures in place to protect your belongings in case anything is damaged, broken, or goes missing. That way, you can go out and enjoy your day without constantly worrying about your things. You’ll be able to relax and have some peace of mind. Make sure to inform the cleaning service if there are items that hold sentimental value or are very valuable. Alternatively, for smaller precious items, you shouldkeep them locked in a safe place.

  1. How long has the service been in business?

If it has just started, you might be taking a risk by inviting them into your home. If they’ve been in businessfor a few years, you can be more assured that the reviews that you read would reflect thereal quality of service to their clients. Ask how long the employees who will be working in your house have been working with the company. A long-established business may seem reputable at first, but if they’re staffed with entirely new employees, it could be a red flag.

  1. Check the results of the first houseclean.

It’s very important that you carefully review the results of the first house clean to ensure that you are gettingwhat you paid for. Check each room and any special requests that were made to ensure that you are satisfied with the work.Make sure to inspectsome hard-to-reach or out-of-the-way places to ensure that the cleaners were not taking short-cuts. If there is anything you are not satisfied with, discuss with the cleaning company before you do the second clean.  If you are satisfied with the results of the first clean, use that as a benchmark for future inspections.