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Every home expresses the personality and age of its owner. Hence, if you are 30, it is a high time to invest in certain essentials that will carry you for decades to come.

Whether it is a rented space or your own house, it says a lot about you. As you grow up, you have tobe very careful as to what you keep at your place because as and when you open your main door to the world, your belongings help it assess instantly: Whether or not a grown up stays here!Here are ten things that we think your dwelling must contain by the time you hit the age of 30.

1) A Sofa Set

Tips for Buying a Great Sofa

Well, you probably have a family now and very now and then there are guests thronging at your place. It won’t make a good impression if you make them sit on thefloor and, thus, a sofa set in your hall or living room is a must.

2) Bookshelf


Books are man’s best friend. There are numerous book genres that people of your age adore and you will too love them once you start reading. Therefore, stack up good books for a good time.

3) Plant

Certain plants are a lucky charm for many. So, if you are moving to a new place, looking for a flat for rent in Gurgaon or PG in Hinjewadi, make sure to carry that plant with you always. It surely won’t bother the landlord.

4) Art Pieces


5) Candles

Beautiful and perfumed candles add personality to your abode. Also, you can use them as you dine with your loved one, thus, transforming your meal into a feast.You are no more in your teen or bachelorhood phase and thus, get rid of all those C-grade posters and wall stickers from your wall and replace them with magnificent art pieces such as paintings, photo frames, etc.

6) Gorgeous Bathroom Accessories

It’s time to bid farewell to your broken plastic jug, handless bucket, badly wrecked toilet cleaning brush, etc. Replace them with some elegant accessories that captivate onlookers.

7) A Dining Table

You can’t have your meal every time on your coffee table. Move beyond it and add to your abode a solid wood dining table. Let the guests brand you as the best host of the town.

8) Utensils Set and Stove

Pack your electric induction and keep it safe somewhere and introduce to your kitchen some stainless-steel utensils and a gas stove. Let them make some noise about your maturity.

9) Home Cleaning Kitcleaning-kitchen

It is your home and keeping it clean should be an apex priority for you. Ditch the bits and bobs of our last broomstick and bring home a powerful vacuum cleaner.

10) A Washing Machine

Bring home a washing machine and let it help you in saving to a great extent.