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Autumn is one of the best time of the year. It is a great time to cherish hot apple cider and enjoying various games like football. It marks the approaching of the winter season and thus we need to prep ourselves up to hit the fall.

One of the most important tasks to do in the fall is making arrangements in and around the house to be ready for the season. These activities take hardly some time and money but are certainly very essential.

1. Cleaning the gutters:

Many residents are aware of the importance of cleaning the gutters by removing all the leaves and other litter. It is done to make sure that the water flows down without any obstacle.

It is also done to ensure that the water doesn’t splatter or freeze. Overflowing gutters may also push the water inside the house, so it is necessary to keep a check on it.

2. Fertilising the lawn:

The grass may not be growing around in fall, but it is important that we safeguard our lawn by fertilizing it regularly. It will help in turning the grass green and promoting healthy root growth.

Also, there are specially formulated fertilisers for fall which will give high nutritional value to the grass.

3. Upkeeping snow thrower:

One of the most essential tools for fall is the snow thrower. Make sure that everything is in working order. The tyres should be well inflated, it should be highly lubricated and the machinery should be working well. If anything seems faulty, it should be sorted right away. 

4. Maintaining garage door: 

Garage door is something which is usually ignored. Ensure that you take necessary safety measures for the garage doors to avoid any accidents. You need to make sure that it is clean and moving without shaking.

Check that the rollers and the springs are not chipped or cracked. If they are, they need to be replaced urgently.

5. Fixing cracks:

If there are any cracks, fall might just maximise these cracks. Freezing water may lead to bursting of plumping lines as well as it may turn minute cracks into big ones.

To avoid this problem, we should seal all such cracks. We can fill them with a concrete crack sealer or some material like that and smoothing the surface thereafter.

6. Operating heating system:

It is important to change the furnace filter in every month because filters trap many dust particles. It will help boost the heating system’s efficiency.

If we have air exchanger or heating recovery ventilation installed in our home, we should make sure that it’s power is on during fall. It will also help improving the air quality.

A heating system maintenance is not that difficult as we think. These are some great heatings tips for homeowners.

7. Get outdoor furniture indoors:

Almost everyone has tables and chairs outside their houses to sit in the open, especially during summers and springs. But winters need you to get everything indoors as snow makes the furniture brittle.

Clean them thoroughly and place them inside. You can place them near the windows and still enjoy your latte.

8. Sealing air leaks: 

We must do a quick survey in and around the house. Ensure that there are no voids from where the warm air can escape and the chilly air can come in.

Focus on the doors and windows to seal any gaps you may find.

9. Ceiling fan direction / Checking of wires:

Most of the fans have a ‘reverse’ option. We should turn them on from anti clockwise to clockwise direction.

It would push the warm air inside the house. We can also minimize our heating bill by turning it a degree or two lower.

Electricity connections and wires need an inspection too. We often use geysers and heaters in winters. All connections and wires should be properly soldered.

10. Examine the alarms and detectors:

Fall brings about a lot of celebrations like parties and celebrations like that of Christmas.

In winters, we set up fireplaces and light candles, which means that we must have efficient safety measures in place. The smoke alarms and detectors should be working and in order to deal with an emergency.

While most of these make for an essential checklist for winters, it never harms if you take an account of these items even at the end of the season.

Remember, anything that needs service or professional assistance, can be attended to at a cheaper cost during off season.