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A sawzall is one of the most powerful tools a contractor must have. It has combined capabilities of all other saws.Sawzall is a slang used for a reciprocating saw and it is used in demolition and construction work, it uses a reciprocating push and pull motion using a blade. A sawzall is used on different material since its blade can be metal, wood, or combination of materials such as pvc pipe, copper pipe, composite fiberglass rebar or frozen studs.

Sawzall is a hand held saw, which has a thin blade. It uses it to cut through various materials. The blade moves in a back and forth motion. This enables you to cut efficiently and smoothly. There are those saws that use electric power. They have a cord that you attach to the socket on the wall. They are those that are battery operated. They are convenient as you can move with them from place to place. They also have the disadvantage that they can go off at any time.

Here are the 10 tips to balance your Sawzall saw:

Before you get to work you, keep in mind that some reciprocating saws are bouncy and jumpy, hence do wear a protective gear, and have a firm grip to avoid the sawzall jumping off. Also, make sure you watch out for the cord; do not let it lie on the working table while you are working.

  Orbital action

Some saws have orbital action. Set the orbital action in the reciprocating saw so as to match the material you will be using. It will allow you to have an aggressive cut that have a rough finish, Since the blade moves in an up and down manner as well as oval and back and forth way. This is used in wood material only.

  Insert the blade

The Sawzall blades come in versatile manner, it all depends which type of material you are using and on which material. The blade is inserted upside down while the saw is right side up. This enables you to cut difficult angles.

  Adjustable shoe

This allows you to set a cut depth. The shoe allows the blade to be used in different sections, hence making the blade to last longer.

  Change blades

This occurs only when it has become blunt. When you are changing the blade, you should lift the lever and insert the blade, then release the lever and make sure the blade is secure by tugging it.

  Drill a hole

Drill a hole in the material you are using to give room for the reciprocating saw blade to cut. Insert the blade in the hole made and make the cut smoothly.

  Do not touch a blade after it has cut

Let the blade cool down after it has cut, since it is hot and can cause damage to your hand. Also never handle a blade when it is connected to the power source. This is to avoid any accident.

  A plunge cut

Make sure the shoe is resting on the material that being cut. The blade should be on the surface of the material. Once the blade reaches full speed, tilt the blade on the surface of the material and let it plunge through the material. Once you have finished cutting release the trigger and let the blade to stop on its own before removing it.

In case you are plunging through a dark hole such as a switch socket, make sure you use a LED illumination to be able to see.

  Using either short or long blades

Long blades are used to cut bigger or larger materials. Always makes sure you have a long enough blade that extends to the other side of the material to make your cut comfortably without the blade catching in between the material.

The longer blades also allow you to cut into tighter space while the shorter ones are good for cutting harder materials.

  Lubricant use

When cutting a metal material, apply a lubricant bar on the blade to enhance smooth cutting of the metal.

  Heavy-duty sawzall

This type of saw is used where there is demolition work. While some sawzall have a pendulum motion, this type of reciprocating saw has an up and down reciprocating motion.


Never use pressure to cut through the material, use only enough to make the saw do its work. A reciprocating saw is a must have tool, more so it enables you to make a cut that is normally difficult to cut. As constructors always make sure, you go for the best brand since it is a great tool to have.