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Christmas is a beloved holiday for many people. It’s a celebration that brings both friends and family together. It’s also a time for people to develop traditions. Decorating your home is a great way to spread the joy of the season. While you can choose to purchase pre-made decorations, there’s something special about making your own holiday decorations that you can enjoy for years to come.

1. Floating stars

Stars are a favourite symbol of Christmas. You can hang long strands of DIY stars from either your chandelier or fireplace. Create 3D stars out of paper mache and wire. Paint your favourite colour. You can even choose glow-in-the-dark paint for an added effect. String the stars together with fishing wire and hang in your favourite area.

2. Holiday ornaments

If you want ornaments in more places than just a Christmas tree, then you can make some to hang around your home. Using wire and coloured mesh, create circles of varying sizes. Tightly fit the mesh over the wire and hang. You can choose to hang single ornaments, or consider stringing several together.

3. Twinkling branches

Why just decorate a Christmas tree? Add even more greenery to your space by covering branches with twinkling lights. Consider hanging a bough of lights from the ceiling or using it as a table centrepiece.

4. Lace chandelier

If you want something a bit daintier, a lace chandelier may be perfect. Cut strips of lace and adhere with glue to pieces of wire. Bend the wire into different sized circles. Stack several lace circles together and glue in place. Use a fabric stiffening spray to hold the shape of the lace. You can create an all-white chandelier, or you can choose different colours of lace.

5. Regal crowns

For a grand, regal look, create embellished crowns out of light pendants. Paint a paper crown a rich, metallic gold, and rest over the pendant. Add more flair by covering the crown with jewels or foliage. Hang over the dining room table if you’re looking for a true conversation starter.

6. Angel trumpet

If there is a music lover in your family, this is the perfect holiday centrepiece. Find an antique trumpet and suspend it over the table with wire. Use the same wire to make different family photos look as if their coming out of the bell of the horn. Polaroid prints will add to the vintage feel.

7. Christmas branch

If you don’t have room for a Christmas tree, consider decorating a single branch. Hang the branch from a centre location using twine. Cover with small, coordinating ornaments and lights. You can even create a new ornament each year if you want to begin a family tradition.

8. Dried foliage wreath

Make your own wreath with dried foliage. Use pliable plastic to create a base. With a drill, cut holes in equal intervals around the perimeter. Fill the holes with test tubes. These tubes will act as mini vases to hold the foliage pieces. You can change out the dried foliage each year to freshen it up.

9. Paper chandelier

If your kids want to help make a decoration, get some colourful paper to create an easy chandelier. Cut the paper into strips and fold into circles. Create a chain by linking the circles. Staple each piece to hold in place. Add paper flower or pompoms for more flair.

10. Streamers

If you’re running short on time, paper streamers are a quick and easy way to make your home festive. Roll colourful crepe paper together and hang across the walls and ceiling.

Painting and decorating your home always brightens up the abode and this extra decorative selection for the holidays should be fun. You don’t need a lot of spare money to transform your home into a festive Christmas retreat.