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Elegant tiles, state of the art fixtures, posh vanity, luxurious tub, and topped with a lavish statement pendant light – we all have our “dream bathroom.” Isn’t it nice to have a room that’ll give you a luxe spa experience everyday? But chances are, you’re stuck with your small and boring cubbyhole you call “bathroom.”

Fret not! Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, it’s possible to transform your bathroom from looking like an ugly and cramped cubicle to posh sanctuary worth escaping to.

Here are 11 ways to give your bathroom a quick and easy makeover if it’s verging on the small (and ugly) side.

1. Make a statement with printed wallpapers

Still stuck with grimy beige walls? Let them wear wallpapers with striking patterns.

There’s a wide range of options, from clean lines and shapes to busy and vibrant prints including classic damask prints, geometric patterns, quirky animal patterns, and floral prints. Wallpapers can be removed and replaced – perfect if you’re a renter or someone who regularly modifies your home design. You can also hand-stamp some prints on your walls.

2. Adorn your walls with peel and stick backsplash tiles

If wallpapers aren’t your thing and you want depth, then go for classic backsplashes. You can find alternatives to porcelain, ceramic, glass, metal, brick, stone, and marble backsplash tiles that are cheap and easy to apply – something you can do without hiring a professional home builder.

3. Update your flooring with cheap solutions

Those filthy white square tiles, which might be older than you are, need to be replaced.

Geometric tiles are an instant way to modernize your dated bathroom. However, both the material and the installation are expensive. For a cheaper alternative without skimping on style, you can count on vinyl flooring, They come in different designs. They even have faux wood flooring.

Peel and stick tiles, which are available in various shapes and patterns, also do the trick.

4. Frame your reflection – literally

You probably look into your mirror more often than you use the toilet. Spruce it up with some cheap yet stylish peel and stick mirror frames. It only takes 20 minutes to adorn your bare vanity mirror. You may go for rich wood frames for a classic look or acrylic frames for a more mod and sophisticated appeal.

5. Revamp your bathroom fixtures

There’s more to bathroom experience than using chrome fixtures – we have gold, copper, bronze, and rose gold.

Swap your standard fixtures and accessories for these elegant metallics to instantly punch up your small and boring bathroom. If you can’t afford to buy new ones, you can easily paint them. Your faucets, flush handle, shower heads, towel rack or ring, toilet paper holder, soap dispensers, and even your ugly pipes and trash bins will instantly look like a million bucks.

Black fixtures and accents look jaw-dropping too, especially when used in crisp white bathrooms.

6. Let there be new light fixtures

Don’t you just love it when your reflection reveals a fresh and radiant-looking you? It’s all in the lighting, darling.

Switch to a modern LED light for a softer glow. Forget the old light fixtures which cast a harsh, unattractive glow on you and your bathroom. Next, to ceiling lights, consider some lights for your mirror.

7. Hang art

Placing art pieces in every room possible is something I’ve been advocating ever since (and I have no plans to shut up).

Create a gallery wall of various art pieces that go from ceiling to floor. You can also hang a huge, bold artwork on your focal wall. It’s great to have something beautiful to look at while you’re doing unattractive things inside an unattractive space.

8. Insert a bit of fun with quirky bathroom signs

Don’t you just love funny restaurant and bar comfort room signs? Do the same for your own bathroom. You can even place a statement doormat.

These aren’t limited to doors – you can take the fun inside. Hang signage and framed pictures and quotes that keep you from getting bored while you’re doing your thing.

9. Add unexpected pops of color

No need to take out a can of paint – you can easily add pops of color using your accessories and fixtures. Incorporate color using vivid trash bins, mirror frames, towel racks and hooks, storage units, floating shelves, tissue holder, shower curtain, and laundry bag. Add plants too to make your bathroom look less dull.

10. Bring in something soft

Make your comfort room look and feel more, well, comfortable.

Bring in something soft and plush. Lay down a comfy, pretty, yet functional bathroom rug. Hang your favorite towels and bathrobes. You can also go for a plush toilet seat cover. All these help soften the look of a bathroom that’s already loaded with solid details.

11. Display small but obvious touches of luxury

Susan Glick Interiors

Swap your good ‘ol bath rug with a fancy faux hide rug, Add in fresh flowers. Bring in signature furniture, like a wooden bark side table or a statement mirror. Fill the room with scented candles. Display designer toiletries and dispensers with glossy finishes.

Last but not least, don’t doubt the power of a dramatic chandelier in a small bathroom!

Incorporating one or a few of these tricks will surely enhance, not only the visual appeal of your small bathroom but also your everyday bathroom experience. Go on and take a bath like a majesty!