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How often do you keep your roof in mind?  With all the things you do in life on a daily basis, it’s easy to overlook one of the essential parts of the exterior that’s used to protect your entire property against natural elements such as rain, storm, ice, snow, and even falling trees and debris. The problem also arises when you fail to lose sight of it until it sustains damages and as a result, you might end up paying more money for costly repairs or replacements. With that, read on this article as we’ll provide 12 awesome roofing tips from roofers in Colorado Springs that you can use for your own roof.

1. Get your roof inspected. Your roof will always be in good shape if you get it professionally checked. While you can do the inspection on your own, it’s essential to call professional roofers who can climb up your roof and inspect it regularly. That way, you’ll be updated of any signs of damage or deterioration your roof might sustain over time. So, find time to schedule your roof inspections now and save yourself from all the hassle when it comes to repairs or replacement.

2. Remove troublesome trees. Another important roofing tip from Colorado Springs is the trimming of annoying trees. If you notice some trees are leaning with your roof which scratches your roofing materials, it’s time to trim them back and remove any branches that get too close your roof. By doing this, you can prevent your shingles from being damaged or punctured, thereby saving you money on your pocket.

3. Clean the roof. Apart from leaning branches, leaves and other debris can also cause trouble to your roof. It can clog your gutters which leads water to build up into the attic. If you want to make sure your water drainage isn’t obstructing, it’s essential that you clean your roof more often. Remove all the leaves and other debris that might cause water buildup. Moreover, watch out for damaged drainage components or sagging gutters. If you spot any of these problems, never hesitate to call for help to figure out whether repair or replacement is needed.

4. Ensure proper ventilation. When your home’s roof doesn’t have adequate ventilation, heat and moisture can cause damage to it by sheathing and rotting. Not only that but when your roof isn’t built to breathe, the roofing materials begin to buckle, and the insulation becomes ineffective. Consequently, it leads your overall roofing system to deteriorate.

5. Add insulation. For roofers from Colorado Springs, proper insulation can the best way to attain appropriate ventilation and airflow for your roof. It’s a good idea to include a gap-free layer of insulation on the attic floor. Additionally, a vapor retarder placed under the insulation next to the ceiling can stop moisture from going into the attic. If you have open, vented spaces, it can also be ideal for allowing air to pass freely between the insulation and roof sheathing.

6. Check for water stains. As mentioned earlier, your roof serves as your protection against extreme weather conditions like a massive storm. During heavy rain, your roof might incur water damage, causing the shingles to weaken. In situations like these, it’s recommended to inspect for water stains and weak shingles after a storm.

7. Protect your roof against streaking. Ideally, a roof can add value to your home’s curb appeal and overall appearance. Thus, you also need to keep an eye to the color of your roof. That’s because the northern areas of your roofing system are susceptible to shading during long periods they’re exposed to humidity. As a result, it will eventually be covered with algae, fungus, or molds. The sad thing about this is that if it’s left unchecked or unattended, they will cause the deterioration and shortening of the life of the roofing materials, which later on result in leaks and other indications of trouble. Due to these circumstances, make the real effort to safeguard your roof against streaking. Check the system from time to time and do some roofing maintenance to ensure its healthy condition at all times.

8. Inspect for signs of shingle damage. Exposure to everyday wear and tear from several natural elements can undoubtedly cause your shingles to dilapidation and tearing off. From there, your entire roof will be vulnerable to water leaks and rot. To prevent this damage from affecting not just your roof but your wallet as well, make sure you check roof coverings annually to preserve its integrity.

9. Conduct minor repairs. Generally, being on the rooftop is extremely dangerous. However, there are minor roof repairs that you can do by yourself. If you’re doing a DIY fix, make sure you have safety tools and equipment. Use a heavy-duty ladder equipped with rubber safety feet as well as safety harness when climbing up and down the roof. If you keep on walking on the roof, it’s vital that you wear rubber-soled shoes to prevent the possibility of slipping.

10. Know when it’s time to call a roofer. Since the roof serves as your home’s first line of defense, it probably experiences much abuse from the natural elements. Hence, it’s best to know some signs that it’s time to reach out to a roofer. These signs include damaged or missing shingles, flashing damage, water spots and leaking, and even a moss-covered roof.

11. Determine whether you need repair or replacement. When you discover some signs of roof damage, the next thing you should do is to know whether you need repair or replacement. It’s essential to decide on this matter as early as possible so you can prevent your roofing system from further deteriorating. So, contact roofing Colorado Springs and ask them to send an experienced roofer to inspect your roof. After the inspection, they will provide you with some recommendations to figure out what’s best for your roofing – whether it’s a repair or replacement.

12. Hire a reputable roofing company. When it comes to roofing projects, entrusting your roof issues and concerns to someone else can be a challenging decision. However, the bottom line is that you want a professional work for your roof. With so many things found on the Internet, it’s essential that you conduct thorough research when hiring the roofers you’re considering. By doing it, you can select quality professionals based on your good judgment.

If you want the best roofers to handle your roofing job, below are the factors you should consider throughout the hiring process:

  • Reputation – Your roofing projects deserves only the best. That’s why you should select a roofing contractor who has proven track record in handling roof repairs and replacements. Their track record shows how trustworthy they are when it comes to providing the best solution for your roof.
  • License and Insurance – The roofer you hire should be licensed and insured. These factors will ensure that they’re knowledgeable and experienced to get your roofing project job done correctly. Before they’re vested with a license, these professionals have undergone several tests and training to make sure they do the work according to the standards. Moreover, the roofers you choose should carry insurance that protects you as a homeowner and the employees from workplace injuries.
  • Specialty – Don’t just settle for a general contractor for your roofing job. After all, not all contractors can perform the different aspects of your projects professionally. Thus, be sure you work with a contractor who is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge about the issue you’re dealing with. Also, don’t forget to request to see the portfolio of their projects.
  • Quotations – Before making a hiring decision, it’s imperative that you gather at least three quotes. The prices vary, and cheaper estimates don’t always connote a low quality of work. So, consider the quotations you get when you pick a roofer for your job.
  • Physical Office – Roofers who don’t have a physical office might mean something sketchy. Not only that but it’s hard to contact them if you don’t know where to visit them. With all the potential problems you might experience, you need your roofer to be local so you’ll get assisted with your concerns immediately.
  • References – The recommendations from peers and previous clients can be the best way to hire a roofing company. The feedback from them can be used to evaluate the services of the roofers you’re considering. Moreover, you’ll also be aware of how they handle their projects which can make your selection much easier. So, request a list of references from your prospective roofer so you can start calling them for verification.


Practically speaking, your home’s roof can be a valuable investment you should have as a homeowner. Without a strong roof over your head, the safety of your property, as well as your family, will be put at risk. Remember, a damaged or leaky roof, if left unrepaired, can become a costly problem. Thus, if you don’t want to end up spending more dollars for the repair or replacement, utilize these simple tips and tricks from Colorado Springs. That way, you can preserve and safeguard your home’s interior for the years to come.