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It’s really an excellent idea to have clean home using eco-friendly products. Traditional ecocides such as Ammonia and detergents are causing great damage to the natural ecosystem. This concern becomes more serious if toddlers and pets are around where these buzz bombs have been used. You must be cognizant of the health and environmental hazards of these agents. Having clean floor is everyone’s choice but not at the cost of healthy environment.

Luckily, we have more pocket and environment-friendly solutions. There are more than dozens of safer ways to clean everything with alternate products (like the cleaning products developed by the Orange Net which is an Eco-friendly cleaning products making company). Limonen alone can show miracles. Natural essential oils are another safer option instead of artificial air fresheners.

Mother Nature, along with Planet Earth, will definitely be thankful to you for using these 12 safer, kinder and healthier ways to clean your dear home.

1. Fragrant Vinegar Cleansing

A spill of scented vinegar can be used instead of harsh chemical based fabric softeners for a safer laundry.

2. Easy-to-make Deodorizing Disks

Trash cans, diaper pails and behind the toilet are the nasty odor sites. By putting these homemade deodorizing disks at certain places, will help to cut down the unpleasant smell to a minimum.

3. Cleaning Stained Cookie Sheets

You may wipe the stains of cookie sheets by adding hydrogen peroxide to baking soda and place this paste on the stains after few hours wipe them easily without scrubbing.

4. Black Tea Window Cleaner

Besides its frequent use as a morning drink, it also serves as a great window cleaner. The tannic acid in tea is a good source for removing dirt and grease from windows.

5. Grapefruit Tub Scrub

It is the best substitute for caustic tub scrub. For this you would need to cut the grapefruit in two halves, spread some salt on it and extract the juice. Rinsing this will not only clean the tub but will also leave behind deodorizing air.

6. Natural Disinfectants

Cleaning of the most infected areas such as toilet seats and kitchen counters with artificial disinfectants may prove harmful, so it is preferred to use natural disinfectants like tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extract, and borax.

7. Reusable Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets once used should be disposed of but their odor can enhance the laundry finishing. You can make your own dryer sheets either yourself or by following the instructions given on Life Renewed.

8. Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Black tea not only serves as a window cleaner but also a remarkable floor cleaner. The tannic acid in addition to cleaning dirt and grease also gives shine to the floor.

9. Natural Toilet Cleaners

Toilet cleaners should be used with special care and precaution because some cleaners are really harmful. To solve this problem two solutions are provided by Frugally Sustainable: one for the soft scrub and other for bowl cleaner.

10. Cleaning Burnt Pans

Burnt pans demand sufficient scrubbing in order to be cleaned. You may save your time and energy that is spent on scrubbing by filling the pan with water and little vinegar. Boiling this solution and then adding baking soda after removing it from flame helps you clean the pan with normal scrubbing.

11. All-purpose Cleaner

This cleaner is much facile to make. All the ingredients are available at home easily. This helps you clean every portion of your house. It can also whiten your clothes by using an only half cup of it in the laundry.

12. Drain Opener

Having a clogged drain is certainly a very major issue. Childhood science has taught us that baking soda and vinegar that can be used for making homemade volcano fizz can unclog the drain.