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5+ Tips on Choosing the Perfect Cabinet Handles to Complement Your Kitchen Design

You have two main objectives when you choose cabinet hardware. First, you want the hardware to function well; and second, it should look fantastic. You can select any hardware you like as long as it meets those two fundamental goals — yet with all the hardware choices you have available, it can still be a challenge to make your final selections. We invite you to consider the following tips on choosing the perfect cabinet handles to complement your kitchen design.

  1. When to Choose Drop Handles for Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Drop handles are elegant and timeless in design. We offer you the following suggestions for incorporating these enduring beauties into your kitchen design:

  • If you’re decorating the kitchen in a tiny home or small condo, the slim profile on these handles will save space without compromising on style.
  • If you want to emulate the look of elegant built-in furniture, these handles give you the desired look effortlessly.
  • These handles are unusual accents for Shaker-style cabinets, but they can work beautifully if you want a look that combines elements of sophistication and minimalism.
  • If you want to baby-proof your kitchen cabinets, this design is ideal. Curious little toddlers enjoy playing with this type of handle, but they aren’t usually able to actually manipulate a cabinet door open if it has a drop style cabinet handle installed.
  1. When to Use Bone Cabinet Handles and Knobs on Your Kitchen Cabinetry

There are a variety of situations in which we recommend choosing bone knobs and bone handles to complete the look of your kitchen cabinetry:

Green discoid knobs

  • Many of our customers have found that bone knobs and handles complement the veining in their marble and granite countertops perfectly. If your countertops include touches of ivory, beige or off white, our selection of bone hardware designs is likely to provide an excellent match. For granite that includes green colouration, take a look at our green discoid knobs as a possible match.
  • If your kitchen has a tropical theme, bone hardware is ideal as a finishing touch.
  • If your kitchen is decorated in a traditional, vintage or chic and shabby style, bone cabinet hardware is an excellent choice.
  1. When to Choose Gold Handles and Knobs for Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Gold handles and gold knobs are popular choices in a variety of situations. Here are some ideas for when to choose gold hardware as the perfect match in your kitchen:

  • Gold hardware makes the perfect complement to warm-coloured timbres in the kitchen. If you’ve chosen cabinetry constructed of New Zealand red beech, Canadian maple, American cherry or any similar warm-hued wood, gold will make a dazzling counterpoint that completes the look well.
  • If you’ve chosen a spectacular gold-coloured light fixture or faucet for your kitchen, you may wish to choose gold cabinet knobs and handles that will complement those sorts of accents beautifully.
  • Goldtones make an excellent coordinate for polished nickel. You can feel free to incorporate gold hardware into a kitchen that already includes some polished nickel surfaces.
  1. When to Use Iron Cabinet Handles and Knobs on Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Iron handles and iron knobs make a strong statement in the kitchen. There are numerous situations where they are an excellent choice of kitchen hardware:

  • Iron is an ideal surface to incorporate into edgy environments featuring urban industrial, rustic or mountain modern style. The iron cabinet handle pictured above is versatile enough to be used as rustic, ultramodern or contemporary style décor, depending on the accent pieces you surround it with.
  • If your kitchen features a colour palette that includes grey, charcoal, black, white or stainless steel, iron could be the perfect surface to complement it.
  • If your countertops are constructed of quartz or grey granite, iron accents can add an interesting element to the design.
  1. When to Use Glass Knobs on Your Cabinet Doors

If you’re thinking of using glass knobs in your kitchen, they’ll probably work under most circumstances; a glass knob can look dazzling in any kitchen. We particularly recommend glass knobs in the following situations:

  • If you’re aiming for old-world grandeur or an opulent traditional style, glass knobs can add just the right aura of elegance to your kitchen.
  • Glass knobs are ideal for bridging the gaps between traditional and contemporary style. They’re the perfect choice if you’re designing a classy transitional look for your kitchen.
  • Glass knobs can also complement a minimalist kitchen; they’ll make a sophisticated focal point if the rest of the kitchen design is understated.

We hope these tips are helpful to you as you consider which cabinet handles,pulls and knobs you’d like to use in your kitchen. We invite you to visit our online shop to select top quality products that will meet all your needs for stylish kitchen hardware.