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If you have recently began living alone, whether you are living at college or have finally bought your own apartment, you are going to want to make it your own. If you are a single woman you may find yourself wanting to embrace this by reflecting it in the décor of your home, however, where do you begin? Here are 12 ideas for making your apartment girly and personal to you:

1. Choose your colours carefully, light and soft feminine colours or a bold pink or purple (or whatever your favourite colour is) are perfect for creating a girly looking apartment. If you choose to go for a bold colour try to limit yourself to only one and combine this with a simple white.

2. Create a minimalistic look and avoid having too much clutter, this doesn’t mean you can’t have things on show, it just means make sure everything has its place and messy things are hidden away.

Girly Apartment Decor Ideas

3. Shabby chic décor with vintage looking furniture and ornaments to accompany white sofas and décor. Add plenty of lace and things like old lamps, and fluffy beanbags, choose antique frames and clocks to hang on your walls and even buy vintage cups and dinnerware. To see more shabby chic ideas, check out this article.

4. Hardwood floors with plenty of shabby rugs create an open and airy feel, while still giving the space a girly décor. This is ideal for creating a minimalistic look and a shabby chic design, adding a bit of luxury to your home.

Girly Apartment Decor Ideas

5. Plenty of artwork on the walls suited to whatever your tastes are. You could have traditional artwork such as copies of Van Gogh, or you could have paintings of landscapes, pictures of flowers, artwork of your favourite singer or film star.

6. Lots of accessories, such as ornaments, photo frames and trinket boxes, things that you can display around your home that reflects your personality and gives the right feel to your home.

Girly Apartment Decor Ideas

7. Vases of flowers, plants and/or bowls of potpourri scattered around your home is sure to give it a girly feel. Potted plants and flowers bring the outside indoors, livening up your home and giving it a natural airy feel.

8. Candles and oil burners on surfaces within your home will certainly give it a feminine touch, as well as adding a nice scent to your home.

9. Lots of pillows screams a girly apartment, having soft and fluffy pillows around your home, on your sofa and bed and maybe even having some large ones in the floor, will definitely make your apartment look feminine.

Girly Apartment Decor Ideas

10. Floral wallpaper or even pretty patterned wallpaper will bring some femininity to your home, you don’t have to cover every wall, just one feature wall will be enough to create the look you are after.

Floral wallpaper home decor

11. Photographs of family and friends, having pictures of your loved ones scattered around your home is a very girly thing to do. Especially when these photographs are kept in pretty, ornamental and unique photo frames that really add character to your home.

12. Chandeliers and lots of lightning such as lamps, make sure your lights and lamps all match and try to find unique and pretty designs that suit the theme of your home.

You don’t have to do everything on this list, just choose the ones that will make your home look how you would like it to, and reflect your personality and tastes.