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Year after year, there are lots of themes
and designs that are trending in the interior design industry. However, there
is one that still remains as stylish and as trendy as ever and it is no other
than the vintage design. The vintage look is a timeless design that will never
go out of style. If you are looking for a great design for your kitchen, the
vintage route is surely the best path to take.
Truly, there are lots of ways on how you
can incorporate the vintage theme in your kitchen. Because of this, it will be
very easy for you to choose the right pieces that will make your kitchen come
to life. Here are some ideas that you can use for your kitchen renovation and
designing project:
Mismatched Appeal

The best thing about working with a vintage
design is that you do not have to work hard to match the furnitures. In fact,
mismatched furnitures enhance the appeal and the vintage vibe of a kitchen.

The Retro Vibe

A retro kitchen will surely make any home
look a lot brighter and more inviting. The yellow and orange combination of the
kitchen is quite outdated making it look more vintage and retro. Plus, the
addition of an old school range for this kitchen is really priceless!

White Tiled Beauty

Using white tiles as substitute for walls
is a unique idea to add a vintage look into your kitchen. The pipes being
highlighted with the black paint is like the cherry on top of our ice cream.

Modern Vintage

For a modern take on a vintage look,
nothing can get better than the combination of white and turquoise. Follow this
simple peg and keep it fuss-free and simple by just using white cabinets and
turquoise appliances.

Classy red

Red is possibly the most classy and classic
color there is. Pair it with the color white and you get an instant retro or
vintage appeal on your kitchen.

Checkered Love Affair

The checkered pattern was so big during the
70’s. That is why a simple checkered flooring can add a vintage vibe to your
kitchen in an instant. For a classic take, you can go for black and white
chequered tiles. For a much modern approach, play with the colors a bit like
the one featured above.

Farmhouse Details

Achieving the look of a farmhouse cottage
is very easy. In fact, you just have to make use of barn roofing and corrugated
materials and your kitchen will look as vintage as ever.

Turn of The century Style

If you wish to design a kitchen with a
vintage look but with a modern function, then feel free to choose state of the
art equipments and utensils that feature a vintage style like the sink and
kitchen island featured above.

Vintage Accents

You do not have to splurge on decors and
equipments just to make your kitchen look vintage. In fact, you just need a few
accents to revamp the look of your kitchen. Just simply hang patterned curtains
or jute rugs and the place will look like a vintage haven already.

10.)  A touch of Pastel

Pastel colors were so big during the 50’s.
The best way to make your kitchen look vintage is to add a pop of pastel in its
design. You can opt for pastel colored tiles, backsplash, granite kitchen counters and
many more.

11.) The Spanish Era

If you wish to bring the Spanish era back
into your home, then it is recommended that you work with luxurious and elegant
chandeliers like the one that you see above. The black beads of the chandelier
definitely add some oomph to the kitchen design.

12.) Wall Art Loving

If you have some vintage doors, then you
can use it to decorate your kitchen. Up-cycle your vintage doors by turning
them into wall arts and decorating them with some vintage pieces like vintage
plates and many others.
When it comes to designing a vintage kitchen design, sky is the
limit as this design allows you to work with a wide array of materials
including brass, glass, wood and many more. It is recommended that you choose
the pieces that you love and you will surely be able to end up with a vintage
looking kitchen that you will be proud of.