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With the festivities and the new year knocking at the door, you must be thinking of ways to decorate your home to reflect the festive mood. Undertaking any major home improvement project may consume a lot of your time and money. However, there are many ways you can decorate your home quickly, easily and cost effectively.
 This post suggests several home decoration ideas that you can apply when sprucing up your home. Incorporation of these ideas in your home decor, would make your home remarkably appealing.


1. Adorn your living room walls by hanging silver trays on them. Silver trays can not only decorate well the blank space of a living room wall, but they also make eye-catching ornaments.
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2. The most effective makeover potion is paint. Rather than repainting the entire of a room, paint one wall using a focal color, or paint a rectangle above a sofa in a contrasting color, to use it as “gallery” space. You can paint the inner area of bookshelves in a contrasting color, or paint the ceiling in a lighter shade of the room’s wall
color. You can update your kitchen or any other area of your home using paint.
3. A bouquet of colorful flowers placed in an equally attractive resin vase, strikingly adds interest to a room. Make a room appealing inexpensively by placing a vibrant flower bouquet in it. You can also decorate a room using die cut flowers, instead of real ones, or choose to have both types, placed appropriately. To create die cut flowers, all you need to have are dies, a die cutting machine and a dieboard.

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4. Renew the window dressings. There are many home stores that offer a wide range of readymade draperies, which can be hemmed to the correct size. Alternatively, you can create them on your own using lengths or sheets of designer outlet fabric. Hang them from a new and attractive curtain rod, which come in stock sizes.
5. Add interest to a room by selecting two contrasting colors like white and black, or white and a bright color. Use them in the form of a repeating theme, like a row of white and yellow pillows over a sofa, or all-white furnishings and robin egg blue walls.
6. An easy and effective tip – Edit the accessories. Too much of anything good is too much. Take all your home
decoration accessories and put them inside a box. Then, put the accessories one by one at places where they are likely to create the most impact.
7. Take all your paintings and other pieces of art down, and place them on different walls or in different rooms. This would make you feel as if you are looking at the paintings for the first time.
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8. If you have a sofa with all same colored pillows on it, add some contrast to it by  selecting a bold accent, such as a pillow with a zebra print.
9. If your living room has less free space, you can use transparent coffee tables for giving an uncluttered look to the room.
10. Add some visual and tactile interest to your living room by opting for a patterned rug.
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11. A rug also makes a great way to draw an individual’s attention towards the furniture you wish to highlight, such as a gorgeous sofa.
12. Plush pieces like an over-sized couch and an ottoman lend a stately appearance to the living room space.
13. Feel free to use a robust color like green in your living room. It has been shown that green truly has the ability
of creating a feel of calmness and comfort.
14. If you have hardwood flooring in your living room, go for using earthy hues like browns, greens and blues that
highlight the hardwood floor’s richness.
Courtesy: www.allcityfloors.com
15. Buy half-dozen terra cotta pots of four-inch, and paint them in a trio using coordinating tones. Plant herbs in
them, and line them over the windowsill of your kitchen.
So, go ahead and use one or more of these home decor tips according to your tastes. They make an easy way to add aesthetic appeal to your home. By applying these ideas, you can make your home ready for the festivities and in an inexpensive way.
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