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The citizens of the United States are wasting large amounts of energy each and every year. Their wasteful habits cost this nation 130 billion annually and this amount is almost certain to increase. In fact, the total amount of energy that was lost in the BP oil spill of 2010 is less than amount of energy wasted annually by 75,000 homes in the U.S.

However, there are many steps that you can take to help make this situation better because you now have many options on the market that let you save energy as well as save you money on your bills. There are also lots of lifestyle choices that you can make that will also allow you to save even more money. Many of these choices are simple habits that do not require much effort at all. In fact, many of the correct choices actually make your life easier. This infographic by 99SmartHomes makes it lot easier for you to find how you can save energy wastage and also reduce your utility bill.

15 Effective Ways to Make your home energy efficient