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15 Morning habits to make coming back home even better
a beautiful, comfortable home is a careful balancing act – you spend your
weekends and holidays getting tangled up in all sorts of DIY and housework,
only to plough through the working week without the energy to maintain it.
Coming home to the warm familiarity of your carefully personalized interiors
should be a relaxing prospect, but when you’ve hit ‘snooze’ three times in a
row and your bus or train is minutes from leaving without you, all your good
intentions tend to get dumped in the sink with those unwashed dishes.
just a little discipline – and a checklist to read through when you’re too
sleepy to think – leaving your home in an organized state the morning need take
no more than ten minutes, and you’ll truly appreciate it when you return,
exhausted, in the evening. Whether you tidy after yourself as you go, or you
put aside a small block of time before you leave the house, little tweaks in
each room you visit can make all the difference. When you get out of bed, for
example, make it immediately, and lay out your pyjamas. You’ll be thanking
yourself when you stumble back into the room a few hours later, ready to pass
a bathroom window open and the towels neatly folded can keep the atmosphere
fresh in the smallest room, and a quick tidy of the counter will work wonders.
In the kitchen, give yourself something to look forward to – prepare the
ingredients for whatever you plan to cook, and there’s less chance you’ll default
to a dismal microwave meal when you drag yourself in from work. And on your way
out of the house, move some flowers or a plant to the hallway so that they’re
the first thing you see when you get home.
are each achievable steps that don’t require a change of schedule so much as a
change of attitude – and the improvements will be felt just hours later. For a
few more tips on refining your morning habits to improve your evening mood, be
sure to work through the steps in this great new infographic, and get started
as soon as you next wake up.

15 Morning habits to make coming back home even better
Source – Amara