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No matter what, everyone needs a place to call home. Home is where the heart is. What’s great is that anything can be turned into a home (including apartments), if you put the right accessories into it. Our quick and simple guide below will help make your apartment feel like it’s yours. 

1| Knitted Everything

Knits are the perfect snuggle accessory. They’re soft, warm, and help create a sense of comfort. Incorporate knitted blankets, throws, and pillows to enhance any room’s coziness. I’m especially into oversized chunky knits!

2| Add More Pillows

I know you have pillows, but add 3 more. Seriously, the more cushions the better, so you are guaranteed a soft spot on your couch, bed, and work desk. Yes, you need a pillow for your work desk because added comfort will help you be more productive! Plus, no one wants a sore butt.

3| Rethink Your Lighting

Soft and warm lighting create a much more relaxed setting than harsh, bright lighting. Soften your lighting by covering your fluorescent bulb lamps with warm beige or cream lampshades. String lights also help create an intimate and cozy ambiance.

4| Show Off Family Heirlooms

Nostalgia puts everyone in a good mood, so include some throwbacks that were given to you by your family and loved ones. Put them on display on a mantle or bookshelf where you can see it every day.

5| Incorporate Plaid and Soft Textures

Everything should be soft to the touch. Include fur, cashmere, velvet, velour, or fleece wherever you plan on relaxing. Plaid also happens to be a comforting pattern, so go for plaid blankets or pillows!

6| Layer Your Bedding

Your bed should be your comfort sanctuary. Layer multiple blankets, comforters, and pillows to create the softest snuggle nest possible.

7| Get a Rug

Rugs are the perfect cover for cold hardwood floors. They are super soft on your feet. A big plus is that they’re interchangeable and can be switched whenever a fresh re-style is needed!

8| Mix it Up

Try not to get all your décor in the same style or from the same store because it will end up looking like a furniture showroom. Grab something from here and there to avoid being too matchy.

9| Use Comfy Colors

Adding certain colors to your home is an easy way to cultivate a cozy ambiance for your space. Warm neutrals like grey, taupe, browns, and beige are great to use. Oranges, earthy green, soft blues, neutral pinks, and golds add amazing pops of colors.

10| Hang Curtains

Usually, apartments come with blinds. Replacing them with curtains will change the overall look instantly.

11| Adorn Your Walls

Hanging up family photos in nice frames will definitely create a homey feel. Sentimental arts or crafts would be great for your walls, too.

12| More Seating

Can’t have comfort without a place to sit! Make sure every room has multiple seating with either a cushioned chair or recliner.

13| Have a Signature Aroma

Aromas have an effective impact on the way we feel. Incorporate your favorite childhood scents through candles or oil diffusers. Some of my favorite comfort scents are cinnamon, evergreen tree, honeysuckle, and rose.

14| Move Your Furniture Away from the Walls

Doing this will create a more intimate space, which will eliminate empty spaces that tend to look less inviting.

15| Display Your Blankets

Simply displaying your blankets will add coziness to your space. You can roll them up neatly in a weave basket or hang them on a decorative ladder. However you put them up, they evoke feelings of comfort.

16|Live with the Things You Love

Lastly, if you are constantly surrounded by things you love, you are bound to feel more at home, and you will appreciate your current space ten times more. Surround yourself with your favorite books, candles, blankets, food, and whatever else makes your heart smile. A little cheesy, but hey, it’s true.

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Lucy Parker is the Resident Design Geek at HomeDecorAZ.com. When not busy helping clients with interior design projects, Lucy writes blog posts related to home décor. She’s also a foodie who loves traveling and enjoys movies (not horror).