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Front Doors – The Portal to your Personality

The style and colour of front doors are crucial in assessing the owners of the home. Front doors and its designs are always important since it is the first impression that counts for every house. They act as portals to the personality of its residents.

When it comes to our homes, front doors are the first point of contact that lends credibility to the décor of the house too. The style of grand entrance door can say more about the interiors as well as the choices of the homeowners.

Incredible front door designs and their styles

With a plethora of designs and patterns available in front doors, it would be wise to choose one of the best designs roaming around the web. The designs would likely serve as an impression to your own front door. Choosing the right portal for our living spaces is to be done with patience and inspiration, after all. Do you want to get one for your home? Choose from the following list of 20 inspirations for modern front door designs:

  1. This large front door with pivots is covered in light wood panels with a sculpted door handle to welcome residents and guest’s home. This wooden door brings a grand entry to the fore.


  1.    The dark wood door of this Australian home includes slender vertical lines that accentuate the minimalist metal door handle.


  1.    This dark wood door again featuring wood grain includes an oversized circular handle giving the entry door a modern look and feel.


  1.    This modern door delivers some broad horizontal wood patterns and is surrounded by windows that bring a natural feel into the home. This is a modern door for the modern Japanese house.


  1.    The vertical wood panels in gray along with a sculptural door handle are brilliantly designed for a modern house in New Zealand.

  1.    This light wood door features an oversized metal door handle and thus defines a modern entry into this family home.
  1.    This large wood door is made up of rich wood panels and includes a shiny silver metal door handle that provides a stark contrast with black metal panels.
  1.    This tall wood Dutch door divides the door with its two handles that allow the partial or complete opening of the front door.


  1.    This light wood panelled door, with a silver door handle, is surrounded by steel frames that form the modern entryway with lots of space for light


  1.    A light wood door that includes pivoting can greet all sorts of people in this Modern Greek home, present a unique gateway to the unique house.


  1.    This panelled dark wood door is horizontally aligned to cover entry way walls, with a seamless, unified appearance. The door blends well with the grand house in Utah.


  1.    This tall front door includes wooden panels and a strong yet thin metal door handle, bringing the oriental spirit alive in Singapore.
  1.    Light wood strips are structured in a geometric fashion to make these larger than average 23-foot tall doors to connect with the study of the home while featuring sculptural metal door handles.


  1.    Dainty leaves on wooden doors give a feminine touch to the toughness of the doors. Every engraved shape adds richness to the frontage.
  1.    Here is a door with grooved panels that add a touch of sophistication along with the peephole at the centre giving it an old aristocratic feel.
  1.    This Oak Entrance Door features double glazed glass with side-panels and a flat-pack frame in the kit. The door includes sidelights too.


  1.    Here are beautifully manufactured doors that would appeal to the modern taste and are suitable for contemporary homes. It includes pre-glazed sandblasted glass that presents a new style addition to any entrance.


  1.    This door is triple glazed with hand-made leaded lights between two toughened double-glazed units. It also consists of solid oak clippings to allow for additional trimming.


  1.    This door is completely reversible as either of the hands can be used for opening the door. This robust door is resistant to warping, twisting and bowing features a multi-point locking system and includes Stainless Steel Hinges and an attractive Chrome effect Handle.


  1.    This stunning Oak Empress Grand Entrance Doors are double entrance doors that add a sense of grandeur to the homes as well as extra security owing to its triple glazed glass units, combined with led detail and attractive raised mouldings.


These 20 front door designs will be highly inspirational for all those who want some innovative front doors to complement their luxurious homes. The doors are often the focal point of all exteriors. The best doors give personality to the homes and even give potential buyers the opportunity to remember the house too. A magnificent piece of architecture always relies on unique door designs to attract onlookers and make it memorable.